Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Sweet Jubilee

June 6 was an incredible day for us! 
 We started our morning off by baking scones for our precious Wendi's baby shower!!  Our sweet friends have adopted the most beautiful baby girl and we were able to spend a few hours loving on her and showering their new family of THREE!  We have prayed and waited on this day for so long.. it was a dream come true and an answer to many, many prayers!!  Thank you, God!!

As always, Shannon did a wonderful job decorating and I had to document it all!

Jen's beautiful Lemon Raspberry Tarts!

Full table, full hearts.

J for our awesome JUBILEE!

The sweetest face.. 

Another of our sweet adopted girls, Daizy!!  They make our lives so much richer!

Tea time with Sadie and Savannah!

After playing games, it was time for Wendi to open her gifts..

..but Grant quickly found Samuel's carseat much more amusing.

Al is one of our most favorites!!!

Wendi has the new mom glow and I absolutely love it!!

Opening her gift from the Brinker girls..
a new wagon, of course!!

Introducing our newest Hensgens, Eli Ransom!  Absolutely edible.

Our little Jubi.

I'm sad this didn't come out clearer, but these two are only a few weeks apart and will get to grow up together!  Eli & Jubilee!  Thank you, Lord, for their sweet little lives!

Grant enjoyed running around in between everyone's legs...

..while Samuel couldn't have been happier in Grammie's arms!

Fresh picked flowers from the Collins's home.. so lovely.

DeDe and her Calbug!

They handed Jubilee to Wendi at the end and I could not stop snapping pictures!!

It was the sweetest moment of the day, with mommy and baby wrapped up together. 

Motherhood looks so good on Wendi!

God, you are the best gift Giver... may our hearts
 always remember the love You have shown us!

We are beyond blessed now that Jubilee is a part of our lives.  Our hearts have yearned for her for so long, and now that she is here, we can't stop ourselves from loving on her constantly.  Holding her, kissing those cheeks, and rubbing her oh, so soft hair!!  Thank you, Jesus!!  We are praying with her parents that she become a lover of Jesus Christ, a follower and missionary for Him.  That He captivate her with His love.  And that He teach us all a deeper thankfulness than we have ever known, for we have been adopted by the King and our lives have been forever changed.


  1. Everything looks so beautiful!!! So happy for them!! Jubilee is perfect!

    Is Callie mad that Wendi has a new little lady in her life? ;)


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