Friday, June 12, 2015

Poole Days

Now that Savannah is the big 6, we have decided it's time for her to start learning the fundamentals of cooking in the kitchen!!  Her first lesson, taught by her daddy, of course, was:
Grilled Cheese!

She heated the stove, buttered the bread, placed the cheese just so, and waited with the spatula in hand as the cheese grilled up!

We are thankful for such a sweet and thoughtful daddy!  The fact that he can cook is just the butter to our biscuit!

Learning how to tell when the bread is cooked exactly right and removing it from the stove...

Tah-dahhhhh!  Vannie's first grilled cheese!!
Isn't it beautiful?!

Our next lesson - how to perfectly cook stove-top RICE.
Andrew will have to get in on that lesson... it's never too early to teach a cajun baby how to make rice!

On May 20th, Uncle Kurt, Aunt Mandy, Carson, Gavin, and Luke all traveled over from Texas to spend the day with us!!!!!!!  It was a wonderful surprise!!  Mandy and I got to talk homeschooling, Kurt and Wade got to talk smokers and brisket, and Mom got to make a gigantic batch of her famous Vegetable Soup, which she hilariously called "Meals on Wheels" when she walked it over. Hahaha!

Kurtie and Wadie!!  They use to work out together before school every day 15 years ago.. who knew we would end up here?!  God is so NEAT!!

Aunt Mandy got to snuggle on Baby Samuel and he loved every minute of it!  He was just so relaxed that he eventually passed out, ha!

We all got on our swimsuits and headed over to the neighborhood pool!! We were the only people there, which makes for the BEST pool experiences. ;))  Grammie stopped by for a little while... until Jenny pushed her into the pool!!!!  After that, Grammie jumped and chased and flipped the little children in the pool for the rest of the day!!!

Kurt and almost 3 year old, Gavin!!!

This next series of shots still makes me laugh!!  Andrew sprayed Grammie..

... so she went after him!!!

You better run, Brother!!!!

She got youuuuu!!!

Hahaa, busted!!  Now you have to get kissed and squeezed tight, tight, tight!!!

Oh, Kurt and Mandy, we are sooo glad y'all came to visit!!!

We actually all got to swim since no one had to hold the baby!  He pretty much took care of himself. ;))

Since Jude and Grant would both be turning 2 within the next couple of weeks, this became their impromptu party.  Happy Birthday, boys!!
Beautiful Judey!

My little G Money!

Sadie is so cool!

Here is Grammie, teaching Vannie how to kick, kick, kick!!

My Heisman Winner.  All day, everyday.

You can guarantee this is going to happen to one of the sisters anytime we are in water around Kurt!!
Watch Jen get dunked under water in 3...


1!!!!!!!!  Hahaa!  And I love how everyone just sits idly by watching it happen!!  

Back flips with Grammie aren't just for land!

Loooooove this.

My little Poole babies.

Me - "Everybody jump in and I'll take your picture going in!!"
Grammie - "Melissa, do us all a favor, and don't!!"  Hahaha!  But Mooooom!!  Your pose is the BEST!!!!!  Even though Jenny's was a close second!!!

The last picture at our pool party... and it's one of my favorites!!

Kurt and Mandy - can y'all just move here?!  We always have so much fun when you are here!!!  Hezzy, Jase, Nathan, and Pops - get it together!!  We need y'all here with us next time!!

A few days later, we celebrated Grant's birthday at lifegroup..  and by that, I mean we bought him a store-bought cake and a number 2 candle. :/  #thirdchildproblems
But goodness, isn't he beautiful?!

Of course, he had to have a black eye for his second birthday pictures. :((  He was running from Grammie in the living room and tried to throw himself on the couch.  Unfortunately, he tripped and fell a few inches short and hit his eyebrow on the foot of the couch.  Poor baby!!  It immediately swelled up, but I am thankful it didn't cut open.  For the next week or so, he simply had a black eye.  You'll be glad to know it's completely gone and he is totally recovered.  Boys.

We had Olivia, the sweet friend across the street, come over and enjoy some cake, too!!

I think he approved of the cake...

Happy Birthday, my precious little boy who looks so much like me.
When I think about sunshine and sweetness, I think about you!

Hey, but you know what?? Just because Grant is the third child doesn't mean we totally skimped on his birthday celebrations!!  As a matter of fact, we celebrated in different ways for pretty much the whole month!

Went to church - Happy Birthday, Grant!
Played in the yard - Happy Birthday, Grant!
Fed him dinner - Happy Birthday, Grant!

Pretty much everything we did in the weeks around his birthday was part of his birthday celebration. Ha!!  It's not because I'm lazy or too overworked to actually plan a party.  It's because every day with him is worth noting and celebrating, finding and acknowledging the beauty in the daily grind.
.....Right?? ;))

Moreeee partying for Grant's birthday, coming up next!!!


  1. Jenny is no longer the favorite!!!!! Three more brinkers to go and I'm in!!! Muahahaha!

    Also... Andrews little farmers tan on his arms.... So cute!!!

  2. Ahhhhh, when can we come to the pool?!?! And seriously, EVERY day is a birthday celebration. Who needs a party?! Hahaha. Or at least that is what we will keep telling all of the kids in the years to come. ; )


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