Sunday, June 7, 2015

Savannah's Birthday Weekend - Part 1

Our sweet Savannah turned six years old this year!!  Where the time has gone, I couldn't tell you.  But I do know that it was filled with sweet giggles, funny stories, learned lessons, good talks, and great memories..  Savannah, our firstborn, arrived on May 10th, one day after her due date at 10:08 in the morning and from that moment on, we've held, kissed, snuggled, taught, and loved her.  She became mine and Wadie's best little friend.

Happy 6th Birthday to the girl who made us parents for the first time, who lit up our world with her smiles and big eyes, who kept us up all hours of the night, spit out her food, and got back in the bathtub with all of her clothes on.  Happy Birthday to our pooky poonyas who melted our hearts when she took her very first step (right into Daddy's arms!), who wore the biggest bows and pinkest outfits, who loved bologna and chocolate pudding more than anything, and who took her first bike ride in the freezing cold on Christmas Day.  Happy Birthday to the girl who stills asks Mommy and Daddy to lay down with her to sleep, who has discovered music and dresses and make up, and to the one who says she will one day have to grow up and get married, but promises to always love Jesus and Mommy and Daddy.

Savan - God knew we needed you. 

We celebrated our precious girl by having a small party at Nana and Paw's camp at Toledo Bend!
Some of Savannah's cousins and friends got to come and swim, eat and play!  Here are a few pictures of our day together!
Abigail and Savannah

I don't think Brother left the pool the entire day!  He loved it!!



And Rylie all got to come celebrate with us!

Our chefs for the day!

Grammie and Pops even got to drive up and spend the day with us!

After just a few hours in the pool, Grant needed a little rest.  #lightweightlikehismomma

Nanny, Grammie, and Nana
Oh, yes.  And Baby Cakes!

Hez and Kate arrived with the most beautiful set of homemade cupcakes we had ever seen!  Seriously, Heather?!  How do you do it?!

Aunt Bec and Uncle Dusten were able to make it, as well as Casey and Alan!!  What a fun day!!  Here is Aunt Bec loving on the newest addition to the Knotts family, Briley Claire!

I love this baby.. and her perfect little lips!

Hahaa, Pops took a page out of Grant's book.  Watching 20 children swim is very hard work!!

Hezzy and Casey

Abigail - it's hard to believe you are almost 6, too!!!

Little Landry Woman

Cutie Baby Kate

Daddies and their daughters.. so sweet!!

One of my favorite pictures from the day!  We love our Cal bug!

Nana made her famous Strawberry Cake and let Savannah decorate the top. :))

Freezing cold, but ready to have some cake AND a cupcake!

I think Grant's favorite part was the Cheetos.. ;)

Getting the cake ready for the birthday girl!  She was freeeeezzzingggg, can you tell??

I love youuuuuu, my little girl!!!! 

Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, dear Savannah!  Happy Birthday to you!

Now that the singing is over, let's get down to the cake!

Did somebody say CAKE?!

Picnic at the pool..  I am so thankful for each one of these babies!!  What blessings they are!

Hezzy, looking so fashionable even when scarfing down a cheeseburger.  Jen, I know you were eating a cheeseburger somewhere, too!!  I am sad to have missed taking a picture of it! :))

Beautiful Briley was worn out from so much fun..

The gorgeous cake!!!  Isn't it perfect?! We loved it!!

Paw and Grant - I love how they match!

I caught Alan doing what he does best!!  ;)

Hez was super creative with her gift this year...  She came with a box of balloons and a safety pin.

Savan had to pop the balloons....

... and out came MONEY!!!  Ohhh, can Mommy play??

Thank you, Hezzyyyyyy!!!

Pops was such a big help by holding Baby Samuel the whole day..  when he wasn't napping. ;))

Baby Samuel and Briley got lots of good naptime in, too... and their momma's were not complaining, ha!!
What a wonderful day spent with some of our nearest and dearest friends! We love each and every one of youuuu!!  Thank you for celebrating with us and loving our girl so well!

  Part two, coming soon!


  1. So fun!!!!! The food all looks so yummy!!! Happy birthday vannie!!!

  2. OMG I am so sad that we had to miss it!!!! What a fun birthday celebration! And seriously, Hez is so cute and creative! She's starting to go ahead of you! ; ) Love my sweet little Vannie who is no longer so little! That's so crazy!!


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