Monday, June 8, 2015

Savannah's Birthday Weekend - Part 2

Our pool party continued all throughout the second weekend of May!  Here is how we finished out Savannah's birthday celebration!

Have y'all had those new Juicy Juice Popsicles??  Y'all!  They're the best!!  Here is Callie enjoying her Very Cherry treat!

Hahaa, and here is Case strangling Alan!

Sweet little friends, Grant and Landry!

Little Baby Samuel with his Aunt Hezzy

Briley and Samuel with Paw!  I think they preferred being in the pool house where it was nice and cool, but hey.  They were being held.  Beggers can't be choosers. ;)

Seeing these daddies play with their babies was SO sweet!

Kissy kissy!!

Later that evening, we walked down to the pier and caught the sun just as it was setting over Texas.

Grant and Andrew in this picture = best little friends for life!

Grant is such a ham!! Ha!!

Our 4, 5, and 6 year olds!

Mommy and Baby Grant...
I hear we look alike. ;))

Happy Birthday, my precious girl!!

Because Wade is the best daddy and uncle ever, he brought the kids one-by-one down to the water to put their toes in.. we sure do love Toledo Bend Lake!

Hello, little Wadie.

We watched the sun set and thanked God for sending us such wonderful gifts in our children. We are blessed beyond measure!

We got home to Uncle Dusten holding Samuel... with two very jealous dogs sitting nearby. ;))

The next morning, we drove a short 30 minutes over to Hezzy's church were Jason pastors at, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church!!  We were able to worship with them and Grammie and Pops on Mother's Day, which was wonderful!! The sweet church ladies even had a few potted plants to hand out and Heather won the award for being the youngest mother at church!!  I won for having the most kids at church!  Hahahaaa, that wasn't embarrassing at all...

When we returned to the camp, we got a little more swim time in!

Grant liked a little milk with his pool water.

Samuel was not a fan of the pool, but we will work on that this summer. ;)

At the end of the day, we brought some worms, a fishing pole, and 4 babies down to the pier to see what we could see...

Lo and behold, as soon as we dropped the line in, we had a bite!!

I think the kids each got to catch 2 of these little brim!  We threw them all back, obviously.  But it made for a great fishing lesson!!

This is the fishy Savannah reeled in!

Brother's turn!


Hahaa, the kids make me laugh in this one.  Just like when Wade killed that rabbit, Savannah is intrigued but grossed out while Brother just can't get enough of it!

Baby Grant loved the flopping, wiggly fishies!

"Momma!!  This isn't gross!!  It's just worms in here!!  Here, hold one!!  They really aren't scary.. for real, they aren't."
In your dreams, Brother.

'And He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matt. 4:19
I love my precious Wadie, who not only teaches our babies how to fish, but how to follow Jesus and lead others to Him.  It's the best gift he could give me for Mother's Day.. and every day.
We spent our last night at the camp and woke up the next morning to a DOWNPOUR.  We had planned to do more swimming and hiking, but with the steady rain, we packed up and headed home early instead. Why is the end of a vacation always so sad??  Thank goodness we had Grant's second birthday, coming right around the corner! Instead of going north, we drove down south.  To the land of shrimp and crawfish, red beans and rice. That post, coming soon! :))


  1. Grant is gonna be a lady killer!!!

    I need to try those new pops!

    The kids look like they had so much fun fishing!!!

  2. OMG you and Grant are seriously twins! That picture is adorable! And that picture of Andrew - I can hear him trying to convince you to hold a worm! Hahahaha. Sweet sweet little loves!


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