Thursday, June 18, 2015

Taking On Thibodaux

The week after Grant's second birthday, we planned our first trip down to Thibodaux since Samuel had been born.. and since my parents had moved to Pineville.  Of course, I had to drive past our old house and of course, I cried.  But when I thought about the reason why there were strange cars in MY driveway and a big "C" wreath on the door, I was a little less sad.  That meant that my parents were moved up close to us.  That meant tractor rides with Pops and school lessons with Grammie and more date nights for me and Wadie.  So I put on my sunglasses to cover my teary eyes, Wadie held my hand, and we drove over to Rouses to drown out any remaining sadness. ;))  I am thankful for all of our wonderful years in Thibodaux - it's where I met Wade!  Kissed Wade!  Got engaged to Wade!!  It's such a wonderful place. Which makes me oh, so thankful for Nana and Paw who still live there and always have open spare rooms for us to come visit!!

We celebrated Grant with a crawfish & shrimp boil and a Sugar Plum strawberry cake!
 Lucky, lucky boy!
Haha, look at that funny face!!

Son, you may not live in Thibodaux, but you're still a Cajun baby!!

Pool time with Abigail!

Grant liked putting his feet in the pool, but he liked playing with Wes even more!

One ninja turtle boy with super girly floaties. Because sometimes you just have to make do with what you have!

The moment we had all been waiting for... craaawwwfishhhh.

And y'all.  They were huge.  Definitely the best kind!

And then out came the shrimp and sweet tea and I had to set the camera down so I could get in on all of this goodness!

Nana always gets these little children the most amazing cakes!!  Look at this!!!

I love these babies!!

And now... it was finally time to eat our cake!

Baby Grant got the first two pieces!  One on his face AND one on his plate.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy!

Does my party really have to be over????

I was thinking about the last time we were at the Trosclair's home and I realized it was for Grant's birthday last year!!!  We had crawfish then, too... and the very next morning, I found out I was pregnant for this little baby!!  Baby Samuel!!  Oh, what wonderful things can happen in just one year!
We went back to Nan and Paw's house for some much-needed sleep, as we would be taking on New Orleans the following day!! The Audubon Zoo was calling our name. ;)


  1. that. crawfish.

    Because you posted that ill go ahead and say... remember that one mailbox in Thib..... hahahahaha!!!!!!

  2. Grant had the best little birthday celebrations!!!! They keep going and going!! That crawfish looks amazing, too! We haven't had crawfish in so long. Crawfish boil at the new house?!


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