Sunday, July 19, 2015

A "Let's Do Nothing All Weekend" Weekend

For Father's Day Weekend, we headed out to Toledo Bend.  Because every father should get to celebrate by sitting down by the lake and doing nothing, ha!  First, though, Wade went out to The Lot to get some work done.. and he brought a few helpers along!

Work hard..
Play harder. ;)

The Folses and the Knotts joined us and we had the best time!!  This was Baby Jack's first road trip and he LOVED the camp!!

Briley didn't know what to do with all the commotion, ha!

Samuel was so glad to have lots of friends there with him!

These three were all born within 4 months of each other!!  It is going to be wonderful getting to watch them grow up together!

Landry and Grant are so much like brother and sister!  They can get into some serious squabbles, but deep inside, they love having each other close.  I think.

All of our babies from youngest to oldest!!  #fullhouse

We arrived Friday evening and enjoyed just sitting, talking, and being together, leaving all of the world back at home.  On Saturday morning, however, it was time to SWIM!

Mom, let's come here every weekend!

Jack loved hanging out in his bouncer.. he lounges well! ;)

After spending aaaaalllllll day out at the pool, we rounded up the chef and told him it was time to eat.
And so he got to work:

Rib-eyes and chicken, asparagus and fresh corn..
Wadie, you are just too good!!

My favorite Folse family!

We love our Knotts'.. and Briley's eyes peeking out over the blanket are just too cute!

Cutie Patootie.

Can we please do this every night??

Hahaa, Baby Vannie.

For dessert, we had watermelon.
And whipped cream! :)

Hahaa, Case!!  These pictures are my favorite!

Some of us had Oreos...

...while others enjoyed healthy, nutritious DATES!

Hahaha, Alan fussed at me the whole time for bringing dates to snack on.  But since they are so delicious and he didn't know what he was missing out on, I made him try one.  And while he may act like they are nasty and look like poop, he knows he liked it!!

The next morning was Father's Day and Casey and Kelli had the sweet idea to cook breakfast for our men! 

I love these two dear and precious friends!!

Beautiful girl, snacking on her pancakes!

Happy Father's Day, Alan!

Happy FIRST Father's Day, Troy!

All of the boys had a new baby to celebrate Father's Day with this year!! So sweet!

We had lots of little taste-testers in the kitchen that morning..

After the girls slaved away all morning, everything was finally ready!

Sooo pretty and soooo delicious!!  What a great breakfast!!

Samuel was sad to miss out on those plates..

Beautiful little Savannah in my beach hat..  of course, we had to swim a little more before it was time to head home.

I love that we all live less than half a mile away from each other.. and yet all drove out to the camp house to be together.  It's so sweet living life with these close friends.  God, You are so good!!

My two favorite funny-poses pictures:

Hahaha, I think Troy wins for being the funniest!
We pretty much accomplished what we set out to do.. absolutely nothing.
But if you're counting our good talks, our rest from the daily grind, and our sweet bond that only grows deeper... well, then, we actually did quite a lot of that.
Another perfect Toledo Bend weekend goes down in the books.

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  1. Ughhhhhh miss you guys SO much!!!! I wanna play!!! Those pancakes are so cute!!!! I love Kelli's haircut!!!!


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