Saturday, July 25, 2015

Georgia Kate Mackey has Arrived!

June 8 at 10:08 AM, Megan texted our group of college besties a picture of her BRAND NEW BABY GIRL!!  After 9 long months, Miss Georgia Kate Mackey had made her arrival!!  Thankfully, Nana was in town and offered to keep our three oldest children.  And since Wade was off, we immediately made plans to head north to see them!

We left at 10:30 in the morning, which would have us arriving in Shreveport at lunchtime.  We had seen Strawn's advertised in our cooking magazines, specifically for having one of the top 5 best fried chicken recipes in Louisiana!!  Clearly, we had to try it.  When we drove up, the entire parking lot was full, front and back. Which was a great sign. ;)

My hubby is a foodie.. and I'm so glad!!

Samuel sure was enjoying dinner date with Mom and Dad!

Wade's plate:

And mine:
The fried chicken was fantastic, but the sweet potatoes stole the show for me!!  They were candied and I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a plate of them and just had that for lunch!  Ohhh, they were so good!

As good as the chicken was, there just simply wasn't enough of it on the plate!!  So while we weren't totally sold on Strawn's, we noticed that they are most famous for their ice-box pies.

Wade had the chocolate, I had the peach.
And I have to say... if you ever find yourself at Strawn's..
With a plate of yams on the side.
Your mouth won't believe the party that just happened.
You are welcome.

After lunch, we headed over to see our sweet new baby!!  And this is the very first picture I ever took of beautiful Georgia!

Candace was able to meet up with us on her lunch break, which worked out so perfectly!!

Heart. Stolen. Forever.

These pictures made me think of Emory and her birth, so I went digging through old posts on the blog (SEE!!  Shannon, Alyse, and Candace!!  THIS is why you should blog!! Hahaa!!), and I found this!!  Meeting Emory back in 2013!

Almost 7 months apart and as cute as they can be.

Mmmmmm, blanket.

It's like a baby Emory again... but with BROWN hair!!

It's a tough life out here, Momma!!

Sweet daddy of two little girls!!

Meeting Baby Emory 2 years ago!!  For Emory's whole birth post, go here!!

Beautiful Meggie with our two newest little babies!!

Love these sweet friends!!  Shan and Alyse, we were missing you both!!

Samuel is loving little Georgia already!!

So thankful for this precious, healthy little life and I look so forward to investing in her life as she grows..
We love you, Jesus!! Thank you, Father, for the blessings that babies are.  For the incredible miracle you have done and the precious heartbeat you have inexplicably created.  We are unworthy, but so appreciative!!  May our lives be poured out for the gospel as we teach it to our children. Draw Georgia to You all the days of her life.  


  1. So jealous!!!!

    Was your peach pie not good? Pictured it kind of looks like candied corn ha!!!

    And ain't nobody got time to blog!

  2. baby you cannot come visit until the next day! Look how much better I look in that picture from Emory's birth. Haha!! I'm so thankful that y'all came, though!! It means so much to have you there and have you meet my babies right away!! They sure do love their loud, picture taking Lissie!! : )


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