Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kiss the Cook

To start off our July, Heather and I worked together to create these Rice Krispie treat favors for the church nursery workers.. and they may be my most favorite gift yet!  Heather designed the tag and I was crazy in love!!

Wadie and Alan catered a job for Alan's dad in Shreveport and I got in on the action!  I'm not boating with that oar.. I'm stirring up the next batch of jambalaya!

Learning how to cook in a giant cast-iron pot..  Raising these babies right!

Even Baby Samuel sat outside and took it all in!

Mean muggin.

Kisses from Sissy are so sweet!

Mrs. Dixie created this masterpiece of a dress for Savannah's birthday and it is very hard to allow Van to actually play in it, ha!!  I just want to put it on display and stare at it all day! Thank you, Nanny, for such a priceless gift!!

Savannah looks like a DREAM in it!!

My pretty, pretty princess.

Like most of our mornings, July started off slow.. but quickly sped up as though someone had pushed the fast-forward button!  On July 8, our precious Meggie gave birth to her second daughter, Miss Georgia Kate!  We made plans to spend that day in Shreveport and meet our newest little girl!!  That post, coming up next!

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