Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Samuel at Month Six

June 25, 2015 - Samuel Wade turned six months old!!  What in the world?!  I have no idea how it  happened, but it did.. and we celebrated his half birthday in a big way.. by trying some homemade brown rice cereal!!  

Little Wade and Big Wade

That purple bumbo has held all of our babies for their first taste of food!!
A little recap of our babies in the bumbo:

because it's the ONLY picture I can find of him in one, ha!

Another picture of Grant because it was just too cute. ;)

And finally, our little Samuel at 6 months!

He was not so sure about this.

I actually came across an old episode of the Duggar family making rice cereal and realized it was super easy and so much more nutritious than the dehydrated flakes that come in a box!  So I got a bag of brown rice, pureed a cup and poured it into boiling water to cook, and after about 15 minutes, we had a bowl full of homemade brown rice cereal!

Open uppppp!


This is HORRIBLE!!!

Get it out of my mouth right now!!!

Hahaa, we tried a few more times..


And then Samuel fell in love!

That's pretty good!!!

It was a huge, but super cute, mess. :))

While I'm glad I tried it, I don't see myself making rice cereal again!  I'm totally in favor of baby-led weaning, so Samuel has moved on to avacados and bananas and apples and green beans until he gets teeth, at which time we will go for the good stuff like Daddy's ribs and Mom's pies.  He is drooling nonstop, but no teethies have actually popped out yet!  He is sitting up on his own, sleeping 6-8 hours through the night, and has the most horrible gas I've ever smelled. Everyone tells me he is the happiest baby they've ever seen and 95% of the time, I would have to agree!  He puts up with Andrew trying to jump over him, Grant's constant petting, and Savannah's "help" of getting the pacifier in his mouth, ha!!  He is so good-natured and has the kindest little facial expressions.  Happy 6 Months, Sambo Jenkins!  Keep up your happy sweetness. 

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