Monday, July 27, 2015

Teaching Them Diligently - Day 1

Several weeks ago, a dear friend of mine and fellow homeschool mom, Jessica, told me about a conference that would be held in Texas.  After looking into it and talking to my family, we decided to book a trip to this homeschool convention!!  I was nervous since I didn't know what to expect, but looked so forward to being encouraged and motivated, as this next year of homeschool is coming up so quickly!

The night before we left, we worked out in the backyard.  We tore up the logs that designated our garden (so sad!!) and put them in a burn pile.  Our brilliant Andrew came up with this idea and I had to take a picture of it!!  What a smart and hard little worker!

He made about 3 runs between the pile of logs and the burn pile, strapping down his logs every time!  Ha!!  I'm so thankful for my little Brother Bear!

Wednesday, July 15, we put the luggage in the car and headed out to DALLAS!  Looking fabulous, of course.

We just had to make a quick stop in Shreveport to see our favorites - Emory and Georgia!!!!!
Oh, and Meg and Justin, too, yeahhh.  Hahaa!

Samuel wasn't loving this moment, but Georgia sure was!!  One week old and as cute as can be!

I loved being with Meggie in her NEW HOUSE!!  It was absolute perfection and it is calling my name.. I can't wait to go visit for a WHOLE WEEKEND!  :)) 

Holding new babies makes Savannah feel so big.. Recently, she has held Briley, Jack, Jubilee, and Audrey, so I knew she had lots of experience and could handle holding brand new baby, Georgia!

The Poole and Mackey bunch!!  How sweet is this?!

Mom, what is wrong with him?!?!  Hahaa, Grant wasn't feeling it..

Andrew and Samuel were liking having their picture taken, though!

Our girls.  Our best friends.

Mom, don't even worry about it.  I got this.

Sweetest little sisters.

After having a way too short of a visit, we headed out west.  3 hours later, we were parked in the parking garage, had walked across the sky bridge, had ridden up the elevator to the 32nd floor of the Sheraton, and looked out the window to see THIS!!
Welcome to downtown Dallas, y'all!!!!!

We shared a room with the Kees family for the first night since we were going on a DREAM FIELD TRIP the following day!!  Kate was so super excited about spending the night with Aunt Lissie!! :))

First things first: 
Let's check out the pool!

Wade and Jason walked to Carmine's and brought back 3 big pizzas to eat as we rendezvoused around the pool!!

These "beds" were also an option.  And if I hadn't had 4 children with me, this is where you would have found me.  In a deep, deep sleep.

The pool was on the 4th floor, which made it sooo cool and breezy!!

And if the pool weren't enough, this was the view.

I loved watching the sunset over the city..

..while everyone else enjoyed jumping and swimming!

We met up with our sweet friends and played in the pool until it was dark.. and until the night life started partying around the pool.  When Savannah was offered a Shirley Temple, we realized that it was time to go upstairs, hahaha!!  Before that though, we had to laugh at how many business people with their little laptops and notebooks got up and left when they saw how many kids there were at the pool, just between our 3 families! Hahaa!! #sorrynotsorry

After baths, it was time for Family Worship - bible reading, prayer, and songs - a tradition for our families.  This is how we want to end every single one of our days.  Worshiping Jesus together.

Best little buddies.  (At least they were until Grant scratched up Kate's face.  I am still so sorry about that, Hezzy!!  Ha!!)  But goodness, aren't they adorable!!

Praises to Jesus that our whole family made it to Dallas swiftly and safely!!  We had a great ride there and a wonderful first day in Dallas.  We had to go to bed early that night, though.. we had an adventure of a lifetime waiting for us at 9 AM the next day!!  That post, coming up next!


  1. Love all the beautiful pictures! It was downtown Dallas indeed and such a great time we all had together! Thank you, Jesus! Love, Mom

  2. Please tel me someone didn't really offer her a Shirley temple?!
    I'm jealous that you got to see meggie and cuddle Georgia and see the new house!!!!!

    I love all the pictures of the babes!

  3. OMG that pool and the fabulous lounge areas!!!! Can we come next time?! With a babysitter...aka with Vannie?! Haha! We loved our visit with y'all, even if it was way too short!!! Emory is so crazy about her friend "Bannie!"


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