Friday, July 31, 2015

Teaching Them Diligently - Day 3

Our third and final morning in Dallas, Wade woke up and attended a Men's Breakfast with David and Jason Benham.  If you don't know the Benham Brothers, well, you will by the end of this post.  :))

  Wadie came back in time for me to head out to my first session.. so thankful for a sweet husband who is willing to watch ALL FOUR of our kids in a cramped hotel room so Mommy can go and learn!!  My mom and dad were also at the hotel, which allowed Wade and I to go to a few sessions together - such a treat!!!  Love my Wadie who encourages me to love our children well! 

Our last pictures of beautiful downtown Dallas!!

The Benham Brothers were our keynote speakers.. and this crowd loved getting to hear them!  Except maybe Callie, HA!

Their story is just incredible.  For more information about them, go the the Benham Brothers Website.  But the gist is that they were fired from HGTV because they loved Jesus and wouldn't compromise their Biblical values!  It was an honor to hear them.. and then to meet them!!

Autographing their book..

And then THEY suggested we get a picture together!  Soooo sweet!!  We had ridden down the elevator with them that morning and all I could blabber about was how we had 4 kids and how I was hoping my Mom was watching them.. around here.. somewhere!  Haa!!  They were precious!!  We were super impressed.  And bought 3 of their books. ;))

Meeting the Sharbonos!!

Nathan looks so much like them!!!  And Jude was clearly impressed, as well...

They were the last speakers we heard before we had to leave, so we ended our first homeschool conference on a super high note!  It had been a WONDERFUL experience!!

Our little Granthus was all speaker-ed out, though..  He was ready to get in the car and take a nice, long nap back home.

See the scratch Grant put on Kate??  Yikes, bad Grant!!  But isn't she still just the cutest little thing?!?!  And dressed like a mini-Heather!

My last picture in Dallas.. 
And this, folks, is why we went.  This is why we do what we do.
You're looking at our next generation of missionaries:

I didn't want to forget everything I had learned over those few days, so I brought along a notebook and pen and scribbled away, an hour at a time, at every session.  Some were better than others, but all were informative and taught me something.  Lots of people have asked about the conference, so I wanted to write down a few of my favorite notes.  I think it will be good for me to be able to look back and reflect on.. when my notebook pages are covered in crayon drawings, as I know they will be eventually, ha!!  That post, coming up next!!


  1. Granty poo looks so grown!!!
    And it was so nice of wadie to watch the children so you could go! I'm sure that cable helped too ;)

  2. So glad yall had a good trip!!!


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