Monday, July 13, 2015

To The Man

June 14, 2008 was a taste of heaven as I married the man of my dreams.

7 years, 4 babies, and 3 homes later, I'm more in love, more aware of how blessed I am, and more appreciative of what the Lord created when He called Wade and I to be husband and wife.

Marriage is for when you can serve God's kingdom better together than you can apart.

To the man who lights my fire, shepherds our family, leads me closer to Jesus..

To the man who is everything I've ever dreamed of, who is the laughter in my soul, and the happiness in my heart..

To the man who is the leader of our home, disciplinary authority over our children, and tenderly teaches us all how to love and serve others well..

To the man who sacrifices always, loves deeply, and daily leads a Christ-like example for our family..

To the man who always has a smile on his face and has taught his children to do the same..

To the man who hates my cold feet but loves my warm cookies..

To the man that lets me drive and picks out the perfect surprises for me.. just because.

To the only man I've ever wanted to build a life with, the one who always has a joke ready, the one who makes this life a joy to walk through..
To the man who is like no other,
Happy Anniversary.


  1. Get a room!!!! Also is Andrew your favorite? Kiddinggggg!!!! Love you guys!

  2. Lissie! What a testimony of what marriage should and can be when two people follow the leadership of Christ and submit their lives to Christ and to one another. What a witness for Jesus.
    Love your family, Love MOM


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