Saturday, August 29, 2015

Camp Kathryn - Hay Bales and Popcorn Bars

Kate's Glamp Out: Part 3

After traipsing all over the yard for our scavenger hunt, Jen and Callie found these treasures: 

Immediately, everyone jumped on top of the giant bales, including the babies!!

Kate was trying to get fresh on top of the hay bales..

...but Grant wouldn't have any of it, hahaa!!

We couldn't let the kids have all the fun!!!!

Everyone started racing each other across the tops!

Grammie being wild and free while Rylie is telling her to stop and slow down!!  Hahhaa, I love it!!!

We love our Aunt Hezzy!!!

Running across hay bales while holding a baby is harder than it looks!!

This may be most favorite picture from the day.. Thanks for giving me sisters, Mom!  What a sweet gift the Lord gave to our family when he blessed you with four babies!!

So Sadie was taking the pictures.. and caught this one of Jen and Heather's reactions when I FELL FROM THE TOP OF THE HAYSTACK!!!  Hahaa, my foot got caught in a rope, I was holding Grant, and we fell into a heap on the ground.  We laughed and laughed and laughed...  But looking at this picture, now I'm thinking Jen and Hez enjoyed it a little more than I did!! Hahaa!

Cutest country Grammie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grammie with her oldest grandbaby!!  What a sweet picture!

Brother could not have been happier on those hay bales!

I told y'all they loved those cats!!!!  Here is Sadie, trying to run and jump while carrying the cat!!!  Hahaa!

So stinking cute.

Callie and Andrew, best friends forever!

Jude and his coke!!!  :))

We headed back to the house, but not for baths and bedtime!!  Instead, we sat outside and sang a few rounds of "Down By The Bay" and "Jesus Loves Me"...  

However, when Pops pulled his truck into the yard and Grammie pulled out her projector, you could forget camp-out sing-a-long time!! They raced over and made funny shadows on the side of the shed as Grammie and Pops got our movie ready!!!

I ran inside and found Baby Kate, cleaned up, in her new birthday jammies, sitting in her new birthday chair. She had had so much fun on her second birthday and we were so thankful to have shared it with her!

Samuel enjoyed his first bath in the sink at Hezzy and Jase's house, too!!

And this, guys, is what you get at Heather's parties.  Nonstop cuteness for every minute of the night.  As though a pillow and sleeping bag pallet in the back of Pops's truck under the stars wasn't enough, Heather planned for each kid to make their own snack mix at her Popcorn Bar!!

You can just imagine how thrilled they were to be eating M&Ms and gummy worms at 10 o'clock at night!

Our set-up to watch one of our favorite childhood movies..

Old Yeller!!

About an hour later, the kids were ready to come inside and get their tent set up in Heather's sunroom!

They had so much fun being the big girls and getting to stay "outside."

However, Heather had an air mattress blown up, just in case they were feeling lonely and wanted to come back inside.  Which they did... ;)

And this is how Callie and Brother slept, hahaa!
For real. Best friends!!

The kids played outside all morning and I came out to find Grant like this.  Covered in dust and dirt in every nook and cranny.  So dirty, but gosh, so cute!!

Hahaha, you gotta love the country life.

Heather and Jason, there are no words!!  Thank you for having us and hosting an unforgettable party for our favorite Baby Cakes!  We are so grateful for her little life!!  We are praying for her heart, that the Lord would captivate it at an early age and she would enjoy the blessing and joy of following closely to Jesus all of her life!!  We love you, Kathryn Jean!!


  1. Thank you Lissie for such a beautiful blog! Life is so sweet when you get to share it with yall! Love youuu!

  2. Clearly safety was a factor in the hay bale part of the party haha!!!

    And for the movie if you woulda typed out Born Free I would have died! Worse movie ever!!!


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