Thursday, August 27, 2015

Camp Kathryn - Hot Dogs and Smore's Cake... and 5 Foot Long Sundaes

On August 14, Heather and Jason invited all of the family over to their home to celebrate Kate's second birthday!!  Our sweet Baby Cakes had turned two years old...  just a couple of years ago, we were in Ft. Worth celebrating her arrival!!  It's hard to believe how much has changed since then!!  We are thankful that we are not having to drive to Ft. Worth to celebrate anymore!!  In just one hour, we can be at our favorite Cakes's house, and boy, were we ready to get there!

Our sweet neighbor came over to keep the kids company while I packed them all up for our camp out at Aunt Hezzy's!!  Or more accurately, our "glamp out!" Hahaa!!

When we arrived at Heather's house, we got to meet her two new guests: Apple and Bucky!

Of course the kids were petrified, ha!  But I think Savannah actually let one horsey eat her apple!

Only Heather would have a tub of iced root beers and cokes in GLASS BOTTLES.

Two of Kate's aunties loving on her!!

This is a hold up, Grant!!  Better give Grammie all your kisses!

Beautiful birthday girl!

Starving Jude..

Hez made us an incredible iced coffee drink that included sweetened condensed milk.  Now you KNOW that was good!!

Hezzy is a blessing beyond words.. and the most perfect party hostess!

No party is really a party until the sweet tea starts pouring!

Explaining the rules of the night:
Eat. Drink.  Prepare to party til bedtime!!

Chili and hot dog bar.. so totally adorable.

Jenny loves herself a good hot dog!

Sadie, why you gotta be so cute?!

Our favorite Amber and Easton stopped by and we were so glad to see them!!!  Clearly, Easton was impressed with us, as well..

Since this was a camp out, what other kind of cake should the birthday girl have besides SMORE'S CAKE?!  Here is a picture of Heather trying to toast the marshmallows...

... and then Jen tried...

.... however, when you need super strong muscles, just call me!!  I am the picture of strength.  Okay, maybe not, but I DID work that torch better than anyone else and that's all that counts! :))

True skill right there:

Now that the marshmallows were perfectly toasted, it was time to assemble the graham cracker sides!  There was a graham cracker crust, then a layer of fudgey chocolate, a layer of chocolate ice cream, and a layer of roasted marshmallows. Surrounded by a crunchy wall of more graham crackers.  If we ever have to be stuck inside of a fortress, I choose this one. 

It was a perfect cake, Hezzy!!


Finally, it was cake and presents time!!

Kate was mesmerized!!

She was so proud of her two year old little self!

Kate (and her mommy!) were thrilled with Grammie's gift - a Kate-sized school bag!!

Now all of the Brinker grandbabies have matching school bags!!  How perfect!!

Opening her gifts from Aunt Lissie and Aunt Jenny!!

Kate, we hope you love to cook.. and we think you should start practicing now!

Rylie and Hezzy's cat..  the twins LOVED the cats!  Maybe one for Christmas??? ;))

We were not going to let eating all afternoon get in the way of our 5 FOOT SUNDAE!!!!!

Grant came out to offer support as we got the sundae ready...

We then called out the kids to come and see...

And, of course, everyone was ecstatic!!!  Hezzy had sprinkles and nuts and syrups to pour on top... a dream come true for the fat kid in all of us!!

Hahaa, I didn't let the cat actually eat any.. but it was funny that he wanted some, too!

The Master Sprinkler!

Hard at work!

Grant paused long enough to throw Momma a huge smile!! did Rylie!

..and Pops!!!

There could not have been a funner treat, you two!!  Thanks for all the sweet memories and for the best ice cream social of our lives!

One happy (and super full!) little birthday girl!

Ice-creamed out, I think!!

Moving from the Cheetos to the ice cream.. hahaa!! a COKE!  It was a good day for Judey!!  Hahaa!!  Hezzy, you win aunt of the year!

Couldn't stop taking pictures of him..  this would sell thousands of Cokes in my book!
So stinking cute!!
If you are thinking the night was close to being over, you should know better. ;))
Games galore and an under-the-stars movie night are up next!


  1. I wanna be at the party!!!! That's so cute!! Did hez homemake the hot dogs?! Haha!!!
    Tell her next time of she puts the cake under the broiler in the oven it will perfectly toast them!!! And we love iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk! Fun fact it's Vietnamese Iced Coffee!

    Man so many helpful tips in one post haha!!!

    Also you should totally let the cat have some!!!

  2. OMG this is so fun and I want to know where our invite was?!?! Emory loves ice cream. ; ) Hez is always the perfect party planner!!!

  3. Yayyy, hurry up and post the next one!! I love how you capture everything, you're so good at this!!


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