Friday, August 28, 2015

Camp Kathryn - Obstacle Courses and Scavenger Hunts

Kate's Glamp Out: Part 2
After our 5 foot sundae, it was time to work some of those calories off!  And when you are having a camp out, there's only way right way to do that:

Heather and I came up with a course in her backyard.  This is me walking it through with the kids to make sure everyone understands. 
5 jumping jacks in the pool here..

Stepping through a cardboard box there..

When you get a dallop of whipped cream in your mouth from Hezzy, the timer stops!  The one with the fastest time WINS!

Grammie goes first!!!  Run from the gate, around the tree..

..climb over the picnic table, jump over the sundae..

..crawl across the blanket..

..complete 5 jumping jacks in the pool..

... and drive the car to the shed!  Double points if you can take out a kid in the process!!

Walk the plank without falling off..

..slide through the cardboard box..

..drop a ball in the pickle jar, get a mouthful of whipped cream and TIME!!!!!!!
Grammie wins the award for being the funnest grammie ever!!! And a great example to follow.. on AND off the course. ;))

Rylie's turn!!


Brother's up next!!


Here we go, Sadie!!

C'mon, Vannie!!!

Anddddd time!

Callie wanted a friend to do the course with her, so Jenny joined in the fun!


Last up were the babies!!!

The kids had such a good time and the adults were hoarse from screaming!!  And the winner was Rylie Jean Sharbono with the fastest time of 36 seconds!! Whooo hoooo!!

I then passed out everyone's list for the SCAVENGER HUNT!!  Every kid got a brown paper bag and a list of all the special things we needed from around Hezzy and Jase's yard!

The last thing on the list was to bring back a surprise!!!  Sadie's surprise was the CAT, hahaa!

Rylie's was sprinkles...

And Van's was face paint!!  Not exactly outdoorsy surprises, but I like that they were thinking out of the box, hahaa!

Yaaayyy, Brother!

Everyone worked together and completed the hunt at one time.  Sweet little family.

Well, they completed it all except for one thing.  Clover.  Apparently, Jason had mowed the yard the day before and cut all the clover!!!!  Stinking Jason, how dare you be a hard worker, mow your grass and make it perfect for us!! Hahaha!!
Here is Jenny, leading the kids in a chorus of "It's Jason's fault!!  It's Jason's fault!!" that we could not complete our hunt!!  Hahaha, so funny!
While Jen and Callie were on their scavenger hunt, they came across a very wonderful surprise in the far back of Heather and Jason's property!  They told us to follow them... and off we went!!  The big reveal of what we found is coming up next!! :))


  1. This looks so much fun!!!
    And 36 seconds.... She smoked that thing!


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