Friday, August 21, 2015

TGP Wardville Baby Dedication 2015

On August 8, our pastor's wife, Lauren, planned a resplendent celebration for the members of the church who would be participating in Baby Dedication.  This was an entire evening set aside to allow all of the parents to covenant together to bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  China and fresh flowers, high heels and babysitters..
this night was downright delightful. 

I couldn't take enough pictures to captivate the vision that Shannon had created.  It made the whole experience feel so special and emphasized the importance of dedicating our babies to God, acknowledging the seriousness and solemness of that covenant!

Wadie cooked the meal: Pork tenderloin, roasted red potatoes, sauteed green beans, and Grammie's fresh homemade rolls!!  Oh.  And bread pudding, of course.

Why do fresh flowers always make everything better?!

Here are three of our 8 babies being dedicated together!! Samuel saw Jack's toy.. and since he doesn't have any of his own, ever, the little sneaky snake went after it!  Hahaa, he got it, too!

Having our own place cards was such fun!!

Baby Eli was also being dedicated!!  I snapped a few precious pictures of the Hensgens family.. love them so, so much!!

Al and I had to laugh that we pretty much had the exact same outfit on!  So funny!!

After a lovely evening of sharing a meal, swapping stories, and discussing how we can live out what we believe about the grace and mercy of God in front of our children, we prepared for Sunday morning.  We wanted to present our children to the Lord and to the church, asking them to commit with us to always be working towards the end goal:  To see our children know, love, and serve Christ with their lives.

My little Samuel Wade..

As unplanned as each of our children have been, they've proven to us time and time again that God's timing is perfect.  I am so thankful to have my four little ones, born exactly when they were. Children so close in age are a blessing that we had not recognized and probably still don't understand fully,  but one that I am beginning to appreciate and treasure more and more.

Hezzy snapped this one of us in church and I loved it!! We love TGP Wardville and are so thankful to be a part of this active, God-loving, servant-minded church.

Here a few more pictures of the sweet families we covenanted with..  It was an honor to dedicate our babies to the Lord together!
Josh, Wendi, and Jubilee

Alan, Casey, Landry, and Briley

Our Poole Party

Our 7 families dedicated 8 babies to Jesus.. what a precious day!!

We tried to take a picture of the babies after church, but it was so hot and everyone was racing to get to some cool air, ha!!  We got a few of Briley and Samuel.. he wouldn't quit fussing, though, so she kept giving him the stink eye, hahaha!!

We celebrated Baby Dedication Sunday by eating at Five Guys after church.. and Samuel was ready!!

As were these fellows:

I wanted to get a family picture the entire day, and it just never happened.  Sometimes real life steps in and babies are crying, kids are tired, and Momma can't think straight and is happy to just have made it home, ha!  We changed clothes as fast as we could and then enjoyed just being together. We were so thankful for our precious friends and family who were there to support, love, and pray with us..  It was such a special day!!

{Sidenote: Wade and I were asked to be a part of TGP's Baby Dedication video for members with new babies that wanted to covenant with our church.. and it turned out really well!!  Here is the link if you want to watch: Our Baby Dedication Video!}

The whole idea behind baby dedication is to think past today.  If our goal is to raise warriors for the kingdom of Christ, what are we doing today to make that happen??  Sometimes, we all have days when we are thankful that it is FINALLY bedtime.  But for most of our days, we need to "imagine the end."  Live life today with tomorrow in mind.  Teach your children about Christ when you rise up and when you lay down today so that tomorrow, they'll recognize when He is calling them.
 Their faith will become their own and they will teach their children and their children's children about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Live in community with other believers who will always be pointing your children to the cross, lifting their eyes up to the One who saves.  

There is nothing on Earth more important.  Nothing that trumps the urgency of raising up a generation that trusts and obeys Christ with abandon.  May every beat of my heart be a prayer of salvation for our babies.


  1. I wish the whole world could read this blog. This is what all of Christianity is! Living for Christ today with our eyes on Him for the future eternal life. He has paid it all so we can be reconciled to the Father. So thankful for all our children loving Jesus and raising their families to love Jesus. Love , Mom

  2. First things first.... When you use words like resplendent can they come with a definition? Thanks!

    For real though so many babies I love it!!! That meal sounded fabulous!!! I was waiting for a plated food photos!!!

  3. Hahahaha, Shan. I laughed out loud at resplendent!!! Only Melissa!!!!!!! I love sweet baby Samuel and the whole Poole party!!!


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