Sunday, August 16, 2015

Top Tooth Tumble

At the end of July, our Vannie had a super wiggly top tooth that needed pulling.

Told ya.

She would let us wiggle it back and forth, but said it hurt when we pulled... so Daddy the Dentist tried and tried to wiggle that thing out of there, but no such luck.

Meanwhile, Andrew was not feeling well.  Fever and puking, this rambunctious, always-running-wild little boy laid on the couch the whole day and kept throwing his arms around my neck, begging me to just sit and hold him.  And you can bet that I ATE THAT UP.  My day was spent hugging and loving on Brother.. while Wade went to the store and surprised him with a little something to cheer him up!  This was the first smile we saw from Andrew in over 24 hours.. and it was wonderful!  Thank you, Daddy, for being so kind and thoughtful!

Three days later, I plopped Savannah onto my bathroom counter and handed her a string of floss.  She did the rest!!!  Wrapping it around her tooth, she gave the tiniest little tug and POP! There goes the little weasel!  We were both so excited and so happy.. and immediately felt it necessary to go take a selfie!!  Ha!!

Beautiful big girl!!

Six years old.  Third lost tooth.  One bright smile!!

Wade had taken a late night stroll with Samuel, so Savannah and I waited by the back door to show him our big surprise!!!  This is one of my favorites... such a sweet little memory!

 "Yaaaayyyyy!!!  High skins, Grace!!"

"How did it happen?!"

Proudly showing Daddy her tooth..

So, so proud of our little woman.

And as the Poole tradition goes, Vannie woke up to a crisp $5 bill.
If this experience was an indication of how tooth-pulling will go for all of our children, we have a very long road ahead of us.  A very wiggly, very funny, very loud road.


  1. Vannie makes bank for teeth!!!! Lucky dog!

  2. Wiggly tooth! I can't believe she pulled it!!! Go Vannie Go!!


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