Monday, August 24, 2015

We Waited All Summer for SCHOOL!!!

This August, we have continued our journey through homeschooling!!  We switched up curriculums.. as much as I loved My Father's World, Savannah is so much like me and thrives with worksheets and visual, hands-on learning!  So I began looking for a more structured program, something with workbooks filled with colorful and fun pages, and something my Vannie would be excited to do everyday.. while also being one of the highest rated and accredited Christian educational programs in the country.  Upon lots of researching and digging through so many wonderful curriculums, we were led to Abeka!!  After so many amazing reviews from teachers that I know and trust, and after seeing the cute worksheets that make me want to go back to first grade, I knew that this was it for us!!  It's definitely my teaching style and Savannah's learning style.. so I am hoping this year is golden for us both! I have spent a lot of the summer anticipating August, and it finally arrived!!!

{I'm using the Veritas Press books for Bible and geography, so that's new, too!  Can't wait to see how that goes!}

First things, first, though:
School shopping!!! 

The night before school, I walked into Savannah's room to find this:
My little educational children just sitting and reading books!!  Why can't life be like this all the time?!  Hahaa!!  

Ready for school!!

My little ninja turtle boy also is also starting school this year!!  He will be in pre-K and I'm using the Abeka program for him, as well.  I don't think he is as interested in worksheets as Savan, ha! So we will see how this goes.  What works for one may not work for another, and I'm totally willing to switch up whatever I need to in order for them to both love learning and enjoy school at home!!  But I am so excited to have him get to sit in with Sister and play along with her as they learn together!

This is more realistic of what life looks like around here, haha!!  Here is their list of the FIVE things that they need to do before having breakfast:  Make your bed, clean your room, brush your teeth, get dressed, and pray for our day together!

So proud of my little first grader..

..and my preschooler!!

The next morning, Savannah told me to follow her to her room.. and this is what it looked like!!

She had cleaned up the entire room by herself, made the bed, and got herself dressed!!
Seriously?!  Why didn't we start this years ago?!? Haha!

Brother helped to clean up Samuel's room, too!

Because I am a slacker, I didn't look for a white board for their first day of school pictures until the day before! :/  So I found these on their play shelf and thought they would work!!  I love these beginning of the school year traditions!!

Homemade blueberry pancakes to start our school year off right!

6 years old..

4 years old..

2 years old..

My handsome Andrew started Pre-K!!  His first step towards becoming a nurse! :))

Hahaa, sweet brothers!

"Grant!!  Sissy is in first grade!!!"

My beautiful Savannah, growing up before my eyes!

A nurse and a mommy.. I wonder where those job aspirations came from.. ;))  Love my little babies who are ready for school!  This reminds me of Savannah's first day of Kindergarten.. how nervous we were and how we didn't know what to really do once I put the camera away.  But Jesus was so good and sent a neighbor over to call out from the road, "Welcome to the best years of your life!"  I am so thankful for these beautiful years together at home, getting to be the one that pours into my children day in and day out!  They are my absolute joy!

Savannah fell right back into routine.. so much so, that she quickly became the teacher, ha!!  She loved getting to show and teach Brother his numbers.   "This is the number 5.  Count it. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Spell it. F-I-V-E.  Brother, can you show me 5 beans??"  There is something so beautiful about the older teaching the younger.. especially because I got to sit down and watch it! ;)

Busy at work!

Even Grant got to do school! ;))

Here was the last thing we did on the first day and I thought it was so cute!  I called out this math problem to Savannah and she made a picture with the information.  Can you see it??  Blue crayon for Daddy, pink for Mommy.  Plus Savannah, Andrew, and Baby Grant in their appropriate size of broken crayons.  Hahaaa, this made me laugh!  What a very smart girl!

Oh, yes.  This was how we ended our school day.. with Art Class!  Grammie bought them lots of new, perfect play-dough and the kids were dying to use it!!  As you can tell, the colors didn't stay separated for long.. but Brother did count out and create three balls..

...and then a ninja turtle mask..

...and ninja turtle elbow pads.

Savannah also made three things:
a teddy bear, a cupcake, and a ball!

That night, we enjoyed telling Daddy and Samuel about everything we had done!  God was gracious and Samuel slept the entire time we had school on our first day!  Goodness, what beautiful boys I have!!

I probably should have ended this post here, but I wanted to throw in a few more pictures from our first week of school.  Wadie even got in on the action by becoming a "num-burglar" for our game!! Hahaha!!  He had to steal a number from the line-up and the kids had to figure out which one was missing!

Our num-burglar at work!! Hahaha, Wade is so witty and so funny!!

Solving the mystery!!

I spy another little burglar!!!! Hahaa, ssssneaky ssssnake. 

School with Dad is the ultimate fun!

This little man.  I'll eat you up, I love you so.

A big box of prizes arrived at the house one day.. and one of them was for Vannie!!

Opening it up..

HER NEW SCHOOL BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was so excited about her new school bag!!  Now when we go elsewhere for school, she can pack all of her books along!!  Lucky, lucky girl!! Hahaaa!

When did you get so big, my little girl?? :((

Praying that we have a beautiful first grade year together, my Vannie!!  I am so proud of you and of your precious heart that loves Jesus! Everyday, may you grow closer to Him!

Last but not least, Savannah tried on Baby Kate's birthday gift.. and it was sooooo cute!!  Savan, I hope you learn to love cooking, just like your Daddy!!  Or at least learn to love eating super delicious things like your Mommy. ;))

SO excited about all that's in store this year of school!!  Be praying for us, as I'll be teaching TWO children, as well as beginning a co-op with other homeschooling moms in our church!!  It's a beautiful and busy time and wonderful, wonderful things are going to happen!
And just like that, our 2015-2016 school year is officially underway!!


  1. Lissie! This is the ultimate school! These pictures look like they are from heaven! Such sweet and beautiful children. You and Wade are so blessed. Love you, MOM

  2. What a perfect homeschooling day!!! And I'm so impressed with Savannah's teddy bear! Such a sweet time of life :)


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