Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wrapping up Summer..

Before we begin, please let me show you what life looks like when your hubby is a Cajun and Creole chef..  
Yes, Lord, thank you and amen.

Here is Samuel, joining the family in our dance party while we jammed to music on a Looziana Sataday Night!


Happy, happy boy!

Samuel is seven months old, boot-scoot-booging all over the house, and enjoying learning what table food is like!!  

His personal favorite is blueberry pancakes.,

"I spyyyyy leftovers between my fingers!!"

Nom. Nom. Nom.

6 of our 8 newest babies!!
Months of delivery for all 8: Dec, Jan, Feb, March, March, April, May, May
The Lord is so good to have timed our babies out so well!

Our lifegroup said goodbye to some dear members and precious friends this summer.  Stephen and the Lanes all moved to new locations around the same time, so we had a Going Away party for them at Jen's house!  Here is one last shot of our lifegroup with them included.. :((  Praying for them all as the Lord leads and directs their lives in new places.

Our Dyl Pickles, Andi, and Van

Sweet friends.. and now, pen pals!

My favorite brother had to work in Lafayette a little this summer, so we got to see him more often than we usually do!! It was WONDERFUL!!

Samuel loved the extra attention, too!

Best buds.

Samuel has cut two teethies on the bottom, weighed almost 15 lbs last month, and is sleeping 12 hours at night!  Praise the Lamb!!  He lights up when he sees us, has learned to tolerate baths, although they still are not his favorite, and definitely said, "Ma-ma" first!!  Between our 4 kids, that makes two for Mom and two for Dad!  Which is pretty great. ;))
While Samuel was gaining new teeth, our oldest was losing hers!!  Savannah had a very wiggly tooth on top.. and of course, we had to document it when she pulled it herself.  That post is next! 


  1. Love your sweet family and wade can come cook his Cajun specials for us anytime !!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 love mom

  2. Samuel is the cutest!!! What a happy little face!!!


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