Friday, September 25, 2015

29 and Counting

After returning home from our Arkansas vacation, we celebrated my 29th birthday with the family!!  Wade cooked a delicious Mexican meal..

...complete with a sparkling, fruity punch drink!  My favorite!!

Mom made a delicious Texas sheet cake..

.. and Kate blew out my candles since she clearly thought we were still celebrating her!  Haa!!
Love my sweet family who makes big deals out of birthdays.. because they really are big deals!!  Counting my blessings, I'm so thankful for the many, many gifts God has given me in my 29 years.  May I never take them for granted.. and may they never become my idols.  Instead, I pray these gifts always bring my focus back to the Greatest Gift Giver.

Continuing with our homeschool, Grant, Andrew, and Savannah gather in the living room every morning for "Rug Time," where we begin our day with a Bible story.  We are currently going through The Big Picture Storybook Bible, as recommended by Heather!  We love it!!  Savannah gets to practice her oral reading fluency while also learning God's word!  Perfect!!  Grant clearly loves it, too, hahaa!

This particular morning, we learned all about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

We talked about the fruit they were told not to eat, how they disobeyed God, and how they tried to hide from Him:

But God sees and knows everything we do..
He knows exactly where we are!

And although they had to leave the Garden of Eden, God promised that one day, He would send a Savior to crush the serpent's head and make all things right again!  Our precious Jesus!!

Retelling the story, acting it out, drawing pictures, and writing out Scriptures are all ways to reinforce the stories, principles, and qualities of God in the minds and hearts of my kids!  So simple, but I am praying it makes such a huge impact in their lives!

And then it was math time!! :))

One afternoon, the kids got out their bibles and said, "Let's have bible study!!"  

Forget chores and forget lunch... there was no way I was stopping this!!

Another night, we set up camp in the LIVING ROOM!

Camping in the air-conditioned, cushioned room with a view of the tv makes being outdoors so overrated. ;)

Even Baby Grant enjoyed his time in the tent!

And of course, when you have a camp out, you should always wake up to fresh donuts with Dad.

I love these sweet days at the end of summer.. 
And not just because it's my birthday. ;)


  1. :Yeah!!!! It's your birthday! Your greatest gift from God is (1) Jesus, (2) Wade, and (3) those precious children. What a joy to see them studying their Bibles together!! You and Wade have set the example! Love you! MOM

  2. This is so cute!! I love her little math lesson.
    Also we need donut pans so we can make our own donuts!!!


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