Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Arkansas Family Vacation - Catapults, River Walks, and Fried Chicken

The final post from our Arkansas vacation:

Heading over to our last few sections before it was time for our science class at the Museum of Discovery, the kids got to see this drum full of white powder that was popping and bubbling all over!

Something about heat and pressure.. but it was so neat, ha!

There was a small animal section:

So horrible, I KNOW.

We tried to build an earthquake-resistant building out of steel squares and pipes.  You put it on this plate and then it would shift and jerk like a real earthquake.  A camera videoed it and you could watch it back, seeing exactly when/if your building crumbled!

We built this bad boy three times, even using the magnetic shields... we were not good.  It fell every time, ha!

Finally!!  It was time!!  Our Wiggle Worms Science Class!!!

We learned all about fulcrums and catapults..  big words for BIG FUN!

Meanwhile, Grant helped me take care of Samuel...

The kids had homemade catapults made out of blocks, clothespins, and bottle caps! So creative!!  If I lived anywhere near there, we would be going to class every Thursday!  It was so great and the kids so enjoyed it!!!  Grant also discovered his love for yogurt melts there.

After class, we headed back up for a few more minutes of play time..

Grant was petrified of the big cow, hahaa!!

But Daddy helped him to be brave and he rode it!!  For all of 4 seconds! ;))

Best little buddies just scooting around together.

Well, well, well... look who we found!!!!!!!

"Mom! Take my picture!!  I'm a pirate and these are my pelicans..." 

Rock climbing in her long dress.. what a woman!

Throwing coins down the big circle drain..

...anything to stop us from leaving.  Ha!

Precious Grandmonty and Poppa sent us money for Arkansas souvenirs and this is what the kids each picked out from the Gift Shop!!

We enjoyed the museum so very much.

One day, we will be back!!

At 5:00 in Little Rock, we decided to walk along the river and try to find treasures along the way..
Like these, for example:

Little Rock sure is proud of their iron statues!

On a bridge overlooking the Arkansas River..

We then came across the coolest/scariest park ever.

Samuel enjoyed his time there like this:

But the three big kids were crazy in love!!  Basically, there were big slides, climbing boulders, and a splash pad.. sounds great, right??  Except the way to get to them all was through the UNDERGROUND TUNNELS.

Kids could slide down, enter a tunnel, and decide which of the 5 different directions they wanted to go once they were inside! 

See the tunnel entrance??  The kids could disappear in a second!  This place about gave me a nervous breakdown, but seriously??  This has to be the kind of place kids dream about!

Hahaa, Wadie can't hold on much longer!!!

You can do it, honeyyyyy!!! ;))

Apparently we were in Peabody Park... like the place with the DUCKS!

Continuing our walk, we found this hidden beauty..

Our little Poole tribe.

Speaking of hidden gems, we decided to hit up the local Little Rock pizzeria and headed that way...
when what to our wondering eyes did appear but GUS'S WORLD FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN right across the street!!!  We smelled the chicken, heard the music, and immediately our path was made straight into a booth at Gus's!

When you are tired and far, far from home, this is all you need to feel all cozy and comfy again.
Ohhhh, how beautiful.

After an incredibly healthy dinner of fried chicken, mac and cheese, fried okra, and white bread, we drove home, soaked in the hot tub, and talked about everything we had seen and learned that day.  The next morning, it was drizzling as we loaded up the car, but our spirits were high.  We had hiked, seen amazing things, eaten at great places, and rested in a way that we hadn't experienced all summer.

I'm so thankful for this precious family: my four little arrows, and their father who lets us always know just how important and special we are to him.

The hardest part of our trip??  Deciding where to go on our next family vacation.  If you don't schedule it, it just doesn't happen and life is too short to not spend some solid, quality time with those you love most in the world.  

The easiest part of our trip??  Simply being together.  
Hiking. Soaking.  Joking.  Discovering. Resting. 


  1. You only called the chicken beautiful! You never said delicious!!! Was it gross?!

    And that park looks so fun!!!

    1. Hahaha!! So observant, shanny!! But it was SO DELICIOUS!!! It was the best meal we had in Arkansas!!!!!!

  2. Just love your blog! I feel like I just took a vacation to Arkansas with you! What a beautiful family picture too, Melissa. You and Wade are so blessed. Love, Mom


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