Saturday, September 5, 2015

Arkansas Family Vacation - Museum of Discovery

I will try not to make these the longest posts of your lives, but everything was so amazing and I want to remember everything from the children's museum.. so I broke it down into three parts!  Try to bear with me. ;)

After passing through downtown Little Rock, which was so clean and cute and lovely, we parked and walked to the 

Walking in, these waving beams that moved up and down greeted us!

We didn't know where to start!!!  Andrew's face here kills me!!!  These were some incredibly HAPPY children!

There are maybe 10 sections in the museum and we could have spent an entire day in each section. Each of the parts ranged in their difficulty of comprehension, but the kids could play with them all!!  Here was our first stop... spinning the wheel to create enough energy to start a fan and turn on the light!!  Could we make enough energy to turn them both on..???

Ding! Ding! Ding!!

Traditional light bulbs vs energy efficient bulbs:
Using the pedals, you could spin and feel the difference in the amount of energy it takes to light both sets of bulbs!!  It took SO much less energy to light the energy efficient bulbs!!  It was amazing!!  Neither Wade nor I could spin enough to light the traditional kind!  Crazy!

Taking the ride of his life, hahaa!!

Putting the metal pieces in different spots, the kids used this machine like a pinball machine!  When the ball shoots up, it makes a different song based on the location of all the pieces and the parts that it hits on the way down!  So cool!

Still working on the whole row of traditional light bulbs, hahaa!!

Teaching the kids something about the way to successfully bowl. I should have stayed and learned a few things from this station, ha!

Spinning disks on spinning disks... and listening to the crazy sounds it made!

In the corner, there were life-size foam blocks.  We have got to get some of these for the house!  The kids were amazed!!!

Building a path on the magnetic wall for the rolling balls..

A table of nothing but blocks and doodads..

Handsome fella laying on 

The big blocks were a big deal, ha!

We couldn't get enough of the nail bed, either!!

Mommy's turn!

Did y'all know a three-way pulley system is the easiest way to pull yourself up?!  I didn't either, but I do now!! ;))

Trying the hardest way: The one-pulley system!
Can he make it to the top?!

Well, of course, he can! 

Making and SEEING sound waves!!

Can a square have a perfectly smooth ride down a road of bumps??
Why, yes, it can!!  Something about geometry, but it was neat!

Playing with long bubbles.. and such a sweet pic! 

It takes a million spins to break that glass in the case.. can you see it??  We were only in the thousands.  Therefore, we did not see the glass break, ha!

Tiny foam balls dancing to the sound waves!

Heading over to the next part, we entered the Mindbender's Mansion.  There were clue cards and three puzzles at each station in each room of a "mansion."  You start at the beginning and solve the riddle by working to gain clues from each station.  This was way over our kids's heads, but such a neat place to come back to when they are older!  And the funnest place ever to sharpen your problem solving skills!  A real life Clue game?!  Yes, please!!

Hahaa, please look at Grant!!  He was working hard on this game!!  It was like a pinball machine.. but with 10 balls and 10 holes and you have to tilt the machine to get them in all the holes! Craziness!

Next section:  The Wiggle Worms Room
For children 6 and under = our most favorite spot there!!!!!!!

Curious George was playing!!

Riding the cow at the farm!

Even Samuel learned something new at the museum!!  For the first time ever, he propped his little hands up and started pulling himself off the ground..

Walking to the ledge...

He did it!! He did it!!  Our big boy pulled up for the first time!!!!!!!!!  Yaaaayyy, Samuel!!

There were puzzles and magnetic boards and drawing stations and a construction zone..

Tiny games for tiny people..

A theater and stage with props.. and if you're my kids, you wear the props over to the Pirate ship!  Nothing like doing the Cha-Cha before sailing the Seven Seas!

Senor Captain!

Of course, there was a lighthouse overlooking the sea..

Hello, Vannie!

Grant's favorite part??  Going UP the slide!! What a thrill, ha!!

There was a whole kitchen set up in a little log cabin..

...or you could sit back, relax, and read a book in the cabana.  Which, obviously, no one wanted to do.

But Grant did pose long enough at the beach for a picture!

Apparently, Andrew was demoted from Captain to deck rat, hahaha!!

Princess Vannie was ready to come aboard!

Seriously, this was SO adorable.

These two were having the times of their lives..

We had to leave this section in order to be sure we saw the rest of the museum.. but when we were done, this is the place the kids asked to come back to!  What a fun place!!

Do not be sad that this museum post is over;
 I have sooooo much more for you to see!! :))


  1. Stopppppp!!!!! I need to go here! It really does look so fun!

    And check you out just doing a rope climb! Rich Froning should be intimidated!!!

  2. From Captain to deck rat; GRRRR....


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