Saturday, September 12, 2015

Arkansas Family Vacation - Our Amazing Bodies!

Continuing through the Museum of Discovery, our next section was labeled "Our Amazing Bodies!"  And amazing, they are!!  I learned so much and the kids had a ball!  This heart in the middle actually pumped out "blood" and you could hold the pipes and feel the arteries pulsating!

You could even see the red and white blood cells flowing through the veins with the blood!  So neat!

See the children on the wall??  When you open the door on their faces, they shoot out a spray from a sneeze or a cough and you can see how far the spray goes when you don't cover your mouth!!

I wasn't fast enough to catch the spray coming out, but it was pretty cool!  And sneezes help to keep bad things out.. who knew?!

Okay, this part was amazing..

Those are two pig lungs (gross, I know) and see what Wade is holding??  You had to pump air into them and compare how a healthy lung is able to inflate and hold air, while the bad lung (that has turned black from smoking) will not fully inflate or hold the air, no matter how fast you pump air in!! We loved getting to show this to the kids, since we are always telling them to NEVER smoke cigarettes!! Ha!!  Also, that tiny box on the right hand side of the table..??  A pieces of a HUMAN LUNG.  

Ever wondered how long your long intestine was if it was all straightened out..??  

Me neither, but you are about to learn!  Ha!!

30 feet!!!!!  How crazy is that?!

Simply put your hands on the handprints and this drum BEAT OUT YOUR HEARTBEAT!!!
Boom, boom, boom!  And it totally put that song about, like a drum, baby, don't stop beating into my head, ha!!  You know the one!!

Close your eyes, listen for the sound, and then grab the falling stick - Based on where you grab it tells how quick you reaction time is!!  Wade was so good at this game!!  The whole stick was down in the hole by the time I grabbed it. :/

Put in your age and this tube filled up with how many pints of blood are in your body!

Wadie and I loved competing on the balance thing..  The timer started when you let go of the bar and the slightest dip to the left or the right shut the timer off!  It was SO HARD.
Wade whipped my tail.

This was interesting!!  When you're feeling overweight, just remember that almost 10 lbs is the weight of your skin!!  It's not you, it's your SKIN! ;))

Baby Grant wanted to try the balance game..

You were supposed to put on sunscreen and watch how it worked to block UV rays.  But I didn't want sunscreen on my hands, so we just get this. But I loved the idea!!

This showed how our bodies digest a granola bar.  Of course, the kids were most fascinated with the poop at the end, hahaa!

Ohhhhh, yuck!! But so neat, too!
We raced through this section, so I would love to go back and actually read the information that was posted about our bodies.  And to think that God formed it all out of dust!  AMAZING!

This was hands-down Grant's favorite part of the museum!  All of those tunnels were suctioned with air..  You put colorful scarves into the tubes and watched them work their way through all the curves, dips, and swirls before shooting out at the very top! 

Catching scarves!!  Grant was actually pretty good at this, too!

Loved how happy this made them!  So simple, but sooooo coool.

Next up:
Tornado Alley

We watched a movie about a tornado that ripped through Arkansas.. and then this simulation room went black!! 

We saw a tree fall down outside that window, and saw the lightning flash around us, while the rain and debris crashed and banged on our roof.. the kids were absolutely petrified!!!!!!  It made me so thankful to live where we do.. in an area NOT prone to tornadoes!!  This was scary!!

Out of the room, we watched a tornado form out of smoke!!


How do we know that a tornado is coming??  By the weathermen, of course!!
This part was so cool!!!!!

Here we are in front of a green screen... that shows fireworks on the tv screen!!!

Newscasters Brother and Lissie!!

The kids loved watching themselves on tv, hahaa!

Vannie and Daddy's turn!!

Okay, I could sit and watch them on tv all day.. ;))

I don't know if this link will really work, but Wade and I had Savannah tape us as we read from the teleprompter!!  Oh my gosh, we had so much fun with this!!  We do one baby dedication video and all of a sudden, we are pro's on the camera, hahaa!!   I couldn't stop checking out my hair and read the script so fast that it couldn't keep up, hahaa... Move over, kids.  Mom and Daddy want to play!!!!

Across the room from the tv station, there was a classroom where a young man was setting up props and gathering supplies for the 6 year olds science class!!  It was 3:30 PM and time to head that way!!  We couldn't wait to see what he had in store for us!!

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  1. Thank you for paying for the museum and taking me there for free ;)


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