Monday, October 26, 2015

Starting Fall with A Sleepover!

We are now well underway into our second year of homeschooling!!  The workload has changed drastically between kindergarten and first grade, so it definitely takes two or three solid hours a day to complete all of our work.  The school day sometimes feels long, but I am so proud of all that we get done at the end of the day!  Intentional time together is the best time.. :))

We have found a schedule-of-sorts that works well for us.. We begin with every morning with Bible which leads into Math, then Phonics, Language, Spelling, and Reading.  I have loved the beautiful workbook pages that Abeka produces and Savannah has been learning SO much.  I have been amazed at how many books and short stories Savannah has been able to read by herself.  Just last night, I was reading in bed... and realized Savannah was sitting right next to me, reading her little Cinderella book right there with me! So sweet!!

Seeing her reading skills take off has been such a treat!  Her love for books is so important to me and I love watching her world and imagination get bigger and more creative with each new book she reads! 

One Friday night, Wade was off and picked up some hot dogs and s'mores..  And the only thing that makes hot dogs and s'mores better is to share them with our cousins!!  So it was decided: it was time for a family camp-out!!

Even Daizy got to come play!!

Our little second grader, Rylie!!

Beautiful Daizy Mae!!

It's not a true girly sleepover unless cheerleading stunts are involved, hahaa!

Here are a few of my favorites:

If you can't join them, go inside, turn the radio up, and enjoy the show!! :))

Grant's new favorite place: the top of the car!!!!  This is so terrible, I know.  I immediately got him down, but gosh, isn't he SO cute up there?!

Hahaa, the girls loved doing their little cheers!

6 years old and still such a doll!

Dance partyyyyy!!  Get it, girl!

These two even created a see saw!! So smart!!

Poor Brother was then ready to do some MANLY things.. stab that marshmallow onto his spear and stick it in the fire!!

It's roasting time!!

Sadie with her s'more!

Sweet little friends! Sweet little memories!

Miiiiiiine.  All miiiiiine.

Callie and Andrew are two peas in a pod!!

These two get along SO well!!  Love their precious friendship!

Whoa, Brother! How strong you are! ;))

We came inside and everyone got baths and prepared for bed.  And by prepared for bed, I mean they played dress up. Ha!!  Brother put his little coat on and said, "I'm a nurse!!  Just like my daddy." Sweet boy!

While the kids were in the back, Wade and I secretly set up the tent IN THE LIVING ROOM!!  When it was ready, we called the kids to "HURRY!!  HURRY!!!  EVERYONE!!!  YOU HAVE TO COME SEE!!!  AS FAST AS YOU CAN! HURRRRRY!"

Hahaha, they were sooooo happy!!!

They turned on Heidi, ate apple slices, and cuddled together in their big green tent.

We enjoyed our sleepover party so much!!  I am so thankful that Savannah gets to live so close to her girl cousins and good friends!  It's such a special gift!!  I love these precious girls..
 their squeals, their stunts, and their sweet sisterhood.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hitting the Deck

As work continued on the deck, we became more and more excited about how life would change for us with a comfy and cozy place to sit outside on!!  We couldn't wait!!  Here are a few pictures of the deck going up during the first two weeks of construction:

Beautiful honey bear, just working so hard!

He drilled in so many of those screws on that deck..  I am so proud!!

We were so excited to get this front portion done!!!  We seriously had dinner that night on just this part..  I TOLD you we were excited about this deck, ha!!

The kids had a blast playing "underground," as well!

Wadie, the carpenter!!

Sweet little Samuel was already enjoying the deck, too!

Savan took this one of us because I had to document our first cups of coffee on the deck!!  Wade doesn't even drink coffee... but when you're sitting up high, overlooking the backyard and the pasture behind our trees, and there's a cool breeze blowing.. well, coffee is just simply a MUST.

And Grant agrees. :))

Scrap piece of wood??  PERFECT for Brother's AIRPLANE!!

I'm pretty sure he took out everyone's ankles with this invention.. but gosh, how cute is he?!

Samuel was so proud of Daddy's hard work!!

On the night that the entire flooring was complete, Savannah and Andrew set up blankets and chairs and performed a talent show for us!! My beautiful little star right here, y'all:

After two weeks, our backyard had been transformed!!  Mr. Billy went back to work then, though, so we stopped construction for two weeks until he returned.  Thankfully, we were still able to enjoy it while he was away!!

Our first lifegroup shot on the deck!!!!

We enjoyed the deck in other ways, too..

By doing bike tricks..

..and our school work, too!!

Our little neighborhood friend, Livi, came over to play on the deck... and in a mud hole.  I was reading on the deck when I looked up to find this little face coming around the corner..

Hahaa, evidences A, B, C, and D of why you should never let me babysit your kids.

Lastly, we moved the kids' preschool table outside on the deck for them to do school work on.. and I thought it just looked so pretty!

My first grader and my preschooler, hard at work!
I absolutely cannot wait to put up pictures of the final outcome..  The deck turned out more perfect than I could have imagined!!!  I am so thankful for Mr. Billy and his wisdom, for Wadie and his strong back, and for Jesus who made this possible!  May we bring Him glory as we serve our community on this deck..

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