Sunday, October 4, 2015

Digging Ditches

We started September 2015 off with a big bang!!  Actually, it was more of a thick thud.  But it was a time I had looked forward to since we signed the papers to buy our home four years ago.
We decided it was finally time to BUILD A DECK!!

We had Jen's father-in-law come by and draw up a plan as we explained to him exactly what we wanted.. steps, railings, benches, the works.  Precious Mr. Billy went straight to Lowe's and ordered the things we would need while Wade got started digging out a drainage trench for under the deck!

Did somebody say drainage trench?!  That sounds like muddy fun to us!!

Hahahaa!!  I'm a proud mom of these wild and muddy boys!!

Can anyone spot our favorite Will in the woods??  He came over and started cutting down trees with Wade.. something else that has been on our to-do list for the past few years!!  September has been such a productive month and I am loving it!

Samuel helped by encouraging us on with that big, happy smile!

Y'all.  A month ago, and you could not have walked through these trees!  It was full of underbrush, bushes, vines, logs, and stumps..  We spent two very full days working on cleaning it up and I wish we would have done this years ago!!  We can actually traipse through the woods and with 4 boys living here, that's going to mean something one day!!  There's still more work to do, but 90% of it is done and THAT is a good feeling!

Two days after drawing up the plan, these three boys were hard at work!!

Samuel sat at the back doors and watched the guys work, ha!  Well, he did until I pulled out the camera.  And then he started cheesing!

He crawls exactly the same way that Savannah did.. on all fours!!

And the deck is officially underway:
So thankful for a hardworking hubby, a carpenter in the family, cousins who are also lumberjacks, and cute little babies who make life so much fun!!


  1. Can't wait for it to be all the way done!!!!

  2. So much fun at your house! Can you believe we get to live so close to each other now? Daddy and I looking forward to "dinner on the deck!" Love MOM


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