Friday, October 2, 2015

Sundays and Fun Days

One Sunday, the kids looked so cute and I had to take their picture:

Grant was not a fan.. which seems to be a recurring theme in our group pictures!!

Remember this??

And this?!  Poooor Baby Grant, haha!

I love when the kids use their imaginations to play!!  Can anybody guess what Savannah is dressed up as??  A waitress!!  Ready to take Mommy's order!!  "Mom, can you order the catfish..??  I know how to spell 'catfish'"..

Waiting on Mommy, hand and foot!!  I could get used this.

We also spent one of our last summer days in Anacoco, where Heather made a batch of homemade pretzels!!  Half were cinnamon and sugar...

And half were salted..

And all were delicious!!  One of my most favorite things Hez has ever made.. and that's saying a lot!! America's Test Kitchen recipe for homemade pretzels..  totally worth every minute!
Shortly after this, Heather went to the hospital with terrible stomach pain and ended up having an APPENDECTOMY!!  She has spent the last few weeks going back and forth between the hospital and Mom's house.  :((  
As terrible as the stomach pain has been, we are so thankful her appendix did not rupture until the doctor was taking it out and that she has been able to get all the care and narcotics she needed, ha!  Having her in town for the past month has been pretty great, too, and we are so thankful for this day and age when medicines and doctor's visits can help save your life!  
Hezzy, we are still praying for your recovery.  And when you are feeling better, I think we should celebrate with these perfect pretzels again.. ;)  Love you!!

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