Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Halloween Ditty

It was the week before Halloween and all through the day,
 we were thinking and planning for the fun times on the way!
I asked Grammie to bring popcorn and what did she do??
She bought a popcorn maker and said, 'Let's pop a few!"

The kids all loved it, they couldn't get enough!

C'mon, Grammie, let's put in this stuff!

When what to our wondering eyes should appear..

But 4 and 20 kernels popping up, my dear!

We couldn't believe it!!

This was great fun!!

And I'm sure you're all thankful that my rhyming's now done. ;))

Also, Grant and I coordinated outfits and we needed a picture:

And I know this post just made all your lives richer...


  1. So grant is either in a diaper or fully dressed up. That about right?

  2. Grant in balookies cardigan!!!!! Dyinggggg!!

  3. Let's make some more POPCORN!!! So much fun. Love, MOM


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