Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hezzy Baby Turns 27

On November 5, 2015, our Heather Jean, the Fats, Little Porkchop, our favorite Hezzy Girl turned 27!! TWO-SEVEN. Not sure how that happened or when she changed from a pesky baby sister to a dear best friend, but somewhere along the way, it happened.  And because of God's grace in bringing the Kees family back to Louisiana, we were able to meet up in Natchitoches to celebrate our Hezzy's birthday!!

Kate and Grant are so funny.. They can get into SO much trouble together, fussing at each other like a little old married couple!  But they are always so genuinely excited to see each other!

Yayyyyyy, Grant! Yayyyy, Kate!

Andrew was excited to finally be there and was ready for a glass of sweet tea out on the patio!

Hilary was able to come, too, making it a complete sister luncheon for Hezzy!

Grant in those Chucks.  Stop it right now.

Somehow all the Poole boys ended up in red shirts! Too cute!!

Our little Wade right here!!  10 months old and such a delight!

Lunch at Maglieaux's in Natchitoches!!

I mean, seriously?!  How cute are they?!

Because you know I can never go eat somewhere and not take a picture of the food when it's this pretty..  This was their fried mushrooms!!  Absolutely fantastic!

Beautiful Savannah! She is such a joy!

Heyyyy!  When's it my turn to eat?!

Grant is never more happy than when he is sitting with his dad!

All the girls!!!!  :))) Can we please do this everyday?!
(Grammie, we missed you!!  So sad you didn't feel well!  Rain check?!)

Jen and I split our wraps so that we could try them both!  This is why everyone should have a sister, y'all!!  Oh my goodness, these were heavenly.  One was filled with spinach and chicken, the other with fried crawfish etoufee.  Yes, please, and thank you.

Savannah practiced her waitressing skills with the water pitcher.. and she was so good at it!!

And because it was Heather's birthday, she got this White Chocolate Bread Pudding. For free. Which you know makes it taste that much better, ha!  Soooo gooood.

"Mom, why are you making me sit with this crazy lady?!"

"Oh, wait!  This is a prime spot for caaaaake!"

Kate just kept saying, "Ahhh, Mommy! Ahhhhhhhh!"  Hahaa!!  What a sweet and wonderful lunch!  Thank you, Grammie and Pops, for our most wonderful day out!!

We headed down Main Street and came across all sorts of beautiful fall displays.  So, of course, it was family picture time!!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Hezzy!!

Our Poole Party!!

"C'mon, Wadie, let's kiss and make these kids laugh."
Hahaa, they really do think it's the funniest thing ever!

Hahaa, aren't the before pictures always so funny?!

God, you are so good!!  Thank You for my family!!

Nan!!  Remember when we saw this in that Louisiana magazine?!  We found it!!  The Oldest General Store in Louisiana!!  Of course, we had to go in!!

Brother found an old coon-skin cap..

Grant and Kate enjoyed riding around on their ponies...

...and I found the greatest napkins that I just loved! "JUST POOLIN' AROUND!"  I didn't buy them (because I am cheap) but that may be our family tagline for LIFE.  Ha!

Hahaa, sorry, Jen, but this was the only picture I had of the three of us, so it had to go up!
There's a sweet sisterly bond here and the older I get, the more I cherish it!

Hezzy and her Hil!
Proverbs 31:25 - "She is clothed and strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."
I'm so thankful for this day 27 years ago when Hezzy joined our family!! You bring so much wisdom, life, and happiness to us, Hez... not to mention a great fashion sense and incredible decorating skills. Ha!!  I love that you know all my inside jokes, call me out when I look terrible, and have been the third wheel for as long as I can remember.  I love being your sister and I love youuuuu!  HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY, MY HEZZY!!

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  1. So much fun!!! Next year I'm inviting myself! And next year I'm sure you will be in on the red train as well bahaha!!


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