Friday, November 27, 2015

It's That Time of the Year!!

You know what time I mean...
Christmas Card Time!!
We packed the kids up and headed south to take our annual Christmas pictures!  

Are these not the cutest, littlest red Chucks you've ever seen?!

Abigail was a big helper, holding Baby Samuel while everyone else got ready!

Andrew adored his red Chucks!  He did not want to take them off when we got home, and for the boy who NEVER wears shoes, that is a big deal.

Sweet Savannah, ready to rock!

And Baby Samuel, crawling around on all fours, just like Savannah did!
I seriously cannot get enough of him in those shoes..
I wish I could post all the Christmas pictures here.. they were adorable!  I love how our family grows by another kid in each Christmas card, ha!!  A little old lady in the grocery story asked me today if all 4 children in my buggy were mine.  When I said 'yes,' she replied, "Wowwww!  Oh my goodness! Honey, that's just wonderful.  You are so blessed!!" 
And I couldn't agree more..


  1. Yes you are so blessed !! I was just studying about Abraham and God blessed him and the blessing was descendants! The ultimate blessing was all the world blessed through Jesus. All glory to God. Love, Mom

  2. Oooooo I can't wait to see!!!! I some some paw put on Facebook LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
    Malachi says thank you for passing down Samuels red chucks hahahaha!!!!!!


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