Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Our Arkansas Besties

At the beginning of October, we had a wonderful visit from our sweet friends, the Lanes!!  They  recently moved to Arkansas, so it was such a treat to spend time with them on this return trip back through town.  The best part??  Meeting their newest addition, Ms. Evie!!

They came to Lifegroup on Wednesday night, so we were all able to meet her, hold her, and soak up all of her snuggles!

Evie was not so used to all the noise and commotion that happens at Lifegroup, ha!!
How cute is this scrumptious little face?!

Sweet baby Briley and her daddy!

This is a throwback picture to January when Samuel had just arrived and four more of our Lifegroup ladies were expecting..

And here we are:
 9 months later!!!!
(If you squint, you can even see the original picture right behind us on the fireplace!)

 "Christian women are sisters on the deepest level of community, bonded in Christ together for all eternity."

"Yes, mother, your hands are full, literally. And your hands are filled to overflowing with grace by the One who stretched His hands out for you on the cross." Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full  I am so thankful for these sisters and for the God who provided that bond through the saving blood of Jesus!

Savannah and Dylen are such sweet little friends and now, they get to be pen pals, too!!

We love our Lanes!!

As a sidenote on this post, I had to leave this picture up.  This is what I walked into after Andrew found me in the kitchen, grabbed my hand, and said, "Momma!  You have to come see what I made for you!!" 
 Y'all.  He had made my bed.

Son, you are just the sweetest little thing in the world!!!  Thank you for making me smile, for working so hard, and for caring about the little things.  I don't ever want to forget your mischievous, boyish charm.. (or the cutest question you ever asked me, "Mom... who has bigger muscles??  God.. or the Hulk??")  Hahaha, I love you Brother Bear!!  Thank you for making Mommy's bed!!
This month was off to a pretty fantastic start..
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." - Anne of Green Gables
My sentiments, exactly.


  1. Love!!!! Van and dylen are so cute!

  2. Just love the pictures, LISSIE! Such a blessing to have all our new babies!!
    Love MOM


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