Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pumpkin Carving at the Property

It was so much fun getting to have a homeschool field trip out at Grammie's property!! 
Here is sweet Mrs. Karen, helping Andrew get his pumpking ready for carving!

Don't you just love the colors of fall???

A few pictures of the hard little workers:

It was Grant.. in the field.. with the knife. ;)

Grant quickly got bored, ha!  So we had a little photo shoot on the lawn mower because he was just too cute!  Red Gatorade mustache and all!

I feel like this could make such a funny meme!  "Honeyyyyy, I KNOW you can hear me!!"

My little blondie!

I freehanded this little jack-o-lantern!!  I know, I know.. it's hard to believe the skill. ;)

But Andrew carved the little nose himself!

Grant and KG started their rain dance around the burn pile..

Hahaa, they were too cute!

Kasie and her super impressive pumpkin!!!

These two were full of funny stuff today!

They wrapped themselves up in their blankets and paraded around like King and Queen of the Pasture!

Queen Kaylee!

What an adorable little kingdom.

We are so thankful for our sweet homeschool family!!  It makes such a difference to be walking through similar experiences and educational decisions with other families!!

That night, we lit up our pumpkins!!  As a mom of three boys, this has to be my most favorite design ever:

What a spoooky entrance, right?! Ha!!

If the not-so-scary pumpkins didn't put you in a Halloween mood, maybe this will!  This was a surprise we found hanging off of our carport!!  It was huge! Massive!!  And it totally saved me from having to put up any fake spider webs, hahaa!!  Halloween decorating at its finest!

But really..
How beautiful is that?!

The week of Halloween, I planned a little party at my house for the co-op kids.. and it turned out quite spooktacular. Those pictures coming next!


  1. Lis! Kasie is going to take away your 1st place in pumpkin carving prize!!! You better watch out.

  2. Wow, Pumpkin Carving party looks super interesting. I enjoyed watching these fun photos. Thanks dear for this fun post. At the local NYC venues we also hosted a weekend party in last month. It was a BBQ bash which was so enjoyable for our family.


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