Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Super Moon Super Party!

On September 28, 2015, we gathered together at Grammie and Pops's house to celebrate the Harvest Blood Moon, or as Grammie called it, her "Super Moon Super Party!!"

Sadly, Heather was back in the hospital with a fever as she tried to recuperate from her appendectomy! Mom left to spend the evening with Hez, while Wade and I and the kids stayed with Pops and prepared for our big night!

As it got darker outside, we indulged with hot dogs, Gatorade, and chocolate chip cookies..

We watched as the clouds slowly uncovered the enormous moon..

I had forgotten my better lens at home, so I didn't get great shots of it..

But this is the beginning of the eclipse!!  So neat!!

And this was the final picture I got before heading inside.. you can tell that it was definitely RED!

Blood moons, Jerusalem, and the end times..  ask Grammie because she knows about it all!!  As for us, we enjoyed our simple evening of watching that curiously red moon with our Pops. :))  


  1. Your better lense?!
    My bad, Fancy!!


    So glad you caught that on film. It's all pointing to Jesus' return. Be ready everyone!!!

    Luke 21:34-36!!! Love, MOM


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