Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fall In Full Swing

Did I really never put up pictures of the COMPLETED DECK?!

We still have to add a few last minor details, like post caps and ends, but we have spent every available fall afternoon on the deck just SOAKING. IT. IN.

These are the steps leading off of the back and one of my most favorite parts!

Grant tagged along with me as I snapped a few pictures from our backyard..fall is in full swing around here!

Our new view from the back porch!!!

Two pictures of the masterpiece Mr. Billy and Wade created:

We are hoping to landscape around the entire deck in the spring!!

"Look, Ma!!  Leaf! In the pot!!"

I keep falling more and more in love with our yard.

We cleared out a part of our treeline and have enjoyed watching the fog and sunlight dance over the pasture behind our house!

We had a ton of rain come through from Hurricane Patricia.. and the boys thought that wading through the water would be fun.  I didn't let them play long because I was afraid of snakes, but they were ready to come in pretty quickly, anyway.  That water was coooooold!

At the beginning of November, our church ladies swapped our homemade advent ornaments!!  Jen came up with the idea for it and it was WONDERFUL!!  We teamed up and had to make 50 ornaments based on our assigned verses.  Kelli and I had to create an ornament that represented Mary trusting God when the angel told her she would have a baby!!  

We absolutely LOVED our little, and very pregnant, Marys!!  Hahaa!

Because y'all know I love my Sunday morning pictures:

I can see that most of our pictures will be taken in front of these much-longed for steps!

My almost-11 month old baby!!

Late family walks are great for seeing the stars, winding down, and putting our littlest boy right to sleep!

On November 17, two months before Andrew will turn 5, he and his daddy headed out for their first deer hunting trip!!

He was so excited and got himself dressed, packed and ready to go!

Best little friends.

Beautiful Vannie was glad to leave this trip to the boys!

Grant, my sweet little rooster!

While Andrew and Wade made sure of all the last-minute details, Savannah had a confetti party on the deck..

And Grant came, too!

This picture is one of my favorites. :))

Our mighty little hunter, with his jacket, the iPad, and his Ninja Turtle shoes in hand, was ready to go!

Grant, you have to wait a few more years before you can go on this man trip!

"Andrew, will you be sad if you kill a deer?? - Me
"No.  Deers don't have friends!! 
But.... do squirrels have friends??  Because me and Daddy killed a cat squirrel last time..." - Andrew, with a worried face
Ahhh, his sweetness is overwhelming! He still wanted to go, even if they killed a deer, because he is all boy and because it was time spent with his dad!  {When they got home, I asked Andrew if they had seen anything, and he said, "Yes! Birds and squirrels.. but no bugs." Hahaha!!

And speaking of boys adoring their dads, please look at this little face!!  

Samuel has been standing up for forever, but in the middle of November, HE TOOK HIS FIRST STEP!!  Right to Daddy!!!

Wade has been home to see each of our kids take their first step! What a big deal and such a blessing!!  We were so proud of our little Samuel!!
I mean, seriously??  Why is fall always the best time of the year??


  1. Van has too much sass in that first picture!!! How is Samuel already almktone and taking first steps!!!!??? Slow down time!!
    Ask baloo if deer don't have friends what about Bambi and the rabbit?!

  2. First steps ..... Fall trips .... Finished decks .... So many blessings from God !!! Love, Mom


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