Monday, December 7, 2015

Park Date with the Mackeys!

On November 23, one day before our Meggie turned THIRTY YEARS OLD, we met up in Natchitoches for a day full of fun at the park!  Savannah had church play practice and Wade and Justin were working, boooo.  But Megan and I and five of our children got together to play, celebrate, and spend some much needed quality time together!

Sweet little Emory, who looks more and more like her mommy everyday!

Silly Samuel.. who looks more and more like his daddy everyday, ha!

Red Chucks for the win. ;))

Not only was it the most beautiful day, but we had the park almost entirely to ourselves..

Meg and I caught up on life, love, and the little things..  but we did stop every now and then to capture a few sweet pictures of our babies!

Emory just loved little Samuel's crawl and started following him around the yard!

Hahahaa, too funny!

Push over, Andrew!!  Samuel looks like he may be in the running for marrying little Emory!!

About an hour before we headed home, this friend showed up. I was petrified, but Megan knows big dogs..  I trusted her to tell me when to RUN! Ha!! I didn't let the kids touch him, but he ran and played with them nonstop while we were there.. The kids were completely worn out by the time that we left!!  Is it true that every boy needs a dog?? Because after seeing Andrew with this dog, I would have to totally agree!

All I can think when I see this picture is: MOM LIFE!!!!  Haa!  The camera is posted up on the stroller, the park is emptied out, and the moms are soaking up every last minute of daylight and time that we get to spend together!

Our last picture of the day.. and what a wonderful day it was!!
One entire afternoon spent at Natchitoches City Park with my bestie and her babies, chocolate cake, and content children who didn't fuss once..  Can you ask for anything better?!

Now, I almost ended the post here.. until I started thinking about how we celebrated Megan's 19th birthday together ELEVEN years earlier!!!  
Meg, I think this is one of our earliest pictures together!! 

19, but looking 13.

Here is a picture from Meg's surprise 20th!!

 Once I started digging, I couldn't stop!  So here are a few pictures of Meggie and me growing old together these last 11 years!

There was a small dorm room in Cottingham that saw and heard many things - from serious heart-to-hearts to delirious late night talks.  From five o'clock dinner dates to Pink Ladies practices. 
 From planning our weekends to planning our weddings.

From beach trips.. wedding showers.

 From flag football games (eww).. mattress sliding... Spring Break at the Myrtles, next door to the Angola State Penitentiary, ha!

From gala.. graduation.

Through life's seasons of extraordinary changes, we've stuck it through.

From Meggie standing next to me.. standing beside her, our lives are so blessed by each others!!

And now to life with babies and transitioning into motherhood, I am so very thankful for this friendship sent from God!!

And this may be my most favorite picture of us together:
 Thank you for being the greatest, Meggie!!  I've so enjoyed these years together and look forward to the next 30!!  (Also, going through all of these pictures was hilarious!!  Please come over so we can laugh at all of the ridiculous videos and unacceptable pictures! Hahaa, ahhhh!!)


  1. Ahhhhhh cuteeeee!!!!!!
    Lis normally I would be like yeah get a dog!!! But NO don't get a dog!!! You would hate it! Ha! Just bring them to my house when they need puppy time! We will have a fenced back yard!!!
    Happy birthday meggieeeee!!!!!

  2. Aww what a sweet blog !!! As a mom, I am so thankful to almighty God for putting such wonderful and godly friends in your life like Megan. Now you both are moms and you understand a mother's heart! Thank you , Megan. We love you and wish you a happy birthday. !!! Love , Mom

  3. Awwww, this blog post is the sweetest ever!!!! All these old pictures...I'm dying!!!! How young and precious and crazy were we?! Haha! Thank you for celebrating so many birthdays with me!!!! And just every day life, from being in college to being mothers together. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model - as a woman of Christ, a wife, and a mother! I adore you, Lissie Girl!! And Polly's comment ^^^ I'm pretty sure I'm the favorite!! ; ) Thanks for meeting us halfway to play! Let's do it more often!!


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