Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pre-K Christmas Party

This post is a short one.. Someone else used my camera this night, so I only have a few pictures of our family from the Church Preschool Party.  But this was such a cute idea! The preschool children of our church served their parents Christmas dinner one night - chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, a fruit cup, and a fruit box!

You see who enjoyed our family's juice boxes..

Hahaa, Amber was so great, helping out and looking fabulous!

Grant's hiding place, hahaa!

Our Poole Party with our preschoolers!!

We decorated cookies, made a family handprint tree, read stories, and watched a video made by all our church preschoolers!  Jen thought most of this up and it was just the cutest thing ever! Like our Cal-bug!
We are praying that each of these preschoolers grows up to love and serve Jesus by their obedience to Him.. the true reason for the season. 


  1. Such a cute church party! I love how y'all's church is always having get togethers!


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