Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Because I was so close to delivering Samuel around this time last year, I didn't decorate and light up the house the way that I love to do.. So this year, I was going all out!!  I made wreaths, lit the garland, and hung the stockings with care.. until a little mouse found them and thought they were shoes.

To be fair, they do look like boots and are called 'stockings'..

And since Grant saw me laughing at him walking around with the stockings on his feet, he got really silly and made himself a hat:

And a cloak!

Only Grant could be this adorable with snot hanging out of his nose..

Baby Samuel LOVED pulling all the low-hanging ornaments off of the tree and rolling them all over the house!!  #whateverworks

Have you ever seen someone post pictures of real life??  Real dishes in the sink, real dirty clothes in the hamper, real messes in lived-in houses??  I want to be that mom!  I want to recognize our house as one that is truly living.  While I will probably never put up pictures of my laundry room or what the cabinet under my kitchen sink really looks like, I do want to remember the little reminders all over the house that show we are in this together.  The not-so-small clues that I have babies at home.
The clear signs of life that can be found all over when you begin to look around:

While it's sometimes hard to remember, I know I will miss these days of interrupted Bible study time, finding treasures taped to the walls, and tripping over their toys left out on the deck.  There are so many little things that point to LIFE and I want to make a conscious effort not to overlook them. Their time here is so brief.

The first weekend of December, we met up with Daddy at Lowes when he got off of work!  It was finally time to pick out our CHRISTMAS TREE!!

You know the drill.  I have to post pictures from our Christmas-tree-picking past!



 Apparently, I did not take Christmas tree pictures in 2012.. or I just can't find them.  Mom of the year right here. ;))  Moving on..



And finally, 2015!!!

This is the first year that Grant is really taking in and appreciating the lights, decorations, and Christmas trees!!  His face was just priceless!

Hoorayyyy for Christmas!!

These two have such a sweet bond!

We got our tree home, watered it, and the next day, it was time to decorate!  We blared the Christmas music, turned down the A/C, and got to work!!

Mommy had LOTS of help!

Our Christmas Baby!!!

One of the kids' most favorite parts of this Christmas was feeling their stockings and trying to guess what was inside!!

The kids really did do such a good job!

A few of my favorite pictures from Christmas around our house:

Little Samuel helped out, too..

He loved getting to hold Daddy's hammer!

Big Brother then took Samuel for a sleigh ride!!

We ended our night of Christmas decorating with what else??  A lesson in making hot chocolate!

Junior chefs.

Once it was all done, we poured mugs full of the chocolaty goodness and Brother added peppermints..

While Savannah added the marshmallows!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, y'all!!

And remember those signs of life around the house that I wrote about earlier??  Well, I only thought it right to document here what happened next:
A mug was spilled not once, but TWICE.  

Being a parent isn't easy or clean.  Or even fun, sometimes.  It's messy and hard work and there are no off hours.  There are tears and frustrations and growing pains.  
 It is an investment.  If I will put in the time and effort, consciously investing my time in them now, I believe the pay-off will be exponential.  The reward may not be wholly seen today or tomorrow, but later in life.. when I will reap what I have sown.
May the spilled milk always be a reminder to me of the gift I have been given in my children and the incredible responsibility I have to spend my time with them teaching them of the only One who matters.  The only One who loves them more purely and fully than I ever could.
Those "signs of life" are easy to find, but even easier to overlook.  Spilled milk means small hands, little bodies on the counter, sweet little faces.  What a very precious gift a mess can be.


  1. Merry Christmas !! Your home is living and full of life because Jesus is Lord of your home!!! Wonderful precious family. Merry Christmas !!!

  2. Do you put Oreos in your hot chocolate?!

    I can't wait to start fun things like this with Malachi! I will need ideas from you!!!

  3. Your house looked perfect for Christmas!! I love that with kids the decorations aren't pristine sometimes, but that just makes them even better!!


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