Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 - Part One

Two Thanksgivings ago, we celebrated in Brenham, Texas, home of the Brinkers and Blue Bell Creameries!!  We planned our 2015 Thanksgiving back in that same spot with sweet family and old friends!!  There is not much that can get me jumping out of the bed at 6 AM, but knowing I'm heading to see Kurt and Mandy and the boys does it for me every time!!!  
The 5 hour trip went by rather quickly, and before we knew it, we were there!!  And this was such a sight for sore eyes!!  We haven't had our Blue Bell in MONTHS, so I literally had a bowl of each flavor, because.. well, duh.

Jen and Nathan and their 4 babies had arrived earlier that day!!  Dad had to work and Jason couldn't make it, either, which was such a bummer. :((( But we were excited for Grammie, Heather, and Kate to get there!!

While waiting, Jen, Mandy, and I headed over to The Book Nook, a used bookstore FROM YOUR DREAMS.  The crickety wooden floor, the beautiful Jane Austen books along the wall, the large children's section, and that perfect book smell..  it was literary magic!!  We may or may not have spent a solid 3 hours in a teeny-tiny bookstore and we still didn't want to leave!  Ha!!  But with our purchases in hand and promises to return with more money on Black Friday, we headed back to find the family gathered around this lovely fire!

I told Kurt to smile and this is what I got! Haa!!  What a big, woolly bear!

The kids loved their cousins' big backyard!!

After dinner, we came inside for what else??  MORE BLUE BELL!!

Did someone say ICE CREAM?!?!

I think Cookies and Cream was the all-around favorite!


Jude loves his daddy!!

Sadie came in for another refill.. I told y'all we had missed it!

Even Samuel indulged!!  Can you tell?! 

Beautiful Aunt Mandy loved snuggling with the baby!!

We are missing Luke and Samuel, but here are Grammie and Pop's 10 grandbabies all together for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!

The Sharbono Family!!!

Cutie little Carson Allen!

We loved these nights of playing with our Texas cousins!!

Watching the deer that literally walk through the neighborhood!!

Kurt and Mandy had such a fun and festive yard.. and the girls wanted their picture taken with all the inflatables!

So adorable.

Katie Kate was getting a little sleepy... but is there ever rest for the weary around here?!  NEVER!!
Time for another round of ice cream!! Hahaa!

Part of our Poole party!!!

Hahaa, Jude looked like quite the little rocker dude with this helmet on!!

Rock and roll, baby!!!

We then loaded up in the back of Grammie's truck and sang Christmas carols throughout the neighborhood!!!!!

I almost deleted this picture until I saw Jude's face.. hahaa, that's one little boy very serious about his Jingle Bells song!!

After getting home and taking baths, Grammie led us in our Bible story time!

And after prayers, it was knock-each-other-out/wrestling match/punching time. Ahhh, 'tis the life with BOYS!!!

The girls quickly joined in, though!

I wish you could have heard all the noise and commotion and whacks and thuds we heard!!  

My cutie Wadie Boy!!

Brother Bear!!

Baby Samuel didn't last long in the fighting match, but that's okay.  We will give him a little time before he has to hold his own in the ring.
Sadly, it was finally bedtime.  Tomorrow was Thanksgiving and with it came a day of cooking, visiting, and the ultimate FAMILY SHOWDOWN!!
Get your game face on!!


  1. I felt like I was there!!! So much fun!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! I loved the pictures and it brought back so many memories of our great time. Can't wait till Christmas!! Praising God for His many gifts of children!!! Love, Mom


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