Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 - Part Three

It was Family Feud time!  Time to put all that gumbo and cheesecake we ate to good use - weighing down our end of the line so we can win at Tug of War! To remind you of the Family Games Thanksgiving Tournament score, we currently were at:
Kees - 1  Poole - 1  Sharbono - 1

To start us off, the Sharbonos and the Brinkers took the rope!

And in a matter of seconds, THE BRINKERS HAD WON!!!  Sorry, Sharbonos!  A little extra cheesecake for you next year!! ;)

Next up, it was the Kees vs. the Pooles!

And let's be real.  Did they ever really even stand a chance?!

Not even a small one. ;))

For the winning point, it was the Pooles vs. the Brinkers!!!!!

Oh my goshhhh, PULL!!!!!!!!

And this is Kurt and Mandy going into BEAST MODE!!

I'm pretty sure Mandy yelled, "NOOOOOOOO!" as they yanked and tugged...

..and pulled their way to VICTORY!!!!!!!  THE BRINKERS WON TUG OF WAR!!!!!!
All the families were evenly matched now with 1 point apiece!  You can't get a better score going into the championship than that!! 

After baths, it was popcorn and bible study time..

Samuel did not like being left out of the popcorn party.

Because it's Thanksgiving, it's mandatory that you go around and tell what you are thankful for!!  This year, we went around and said not only what we were thankful for, but also what we loved and appreciated about the person sitting to our left!  This couch started us off..

And then this couch!!  Jen said such sweet things about Wadie that I had to get a picture of them!!  I told Jen and Heather to kiss Wade's cheeks...

..which made Wade try to jump up and run away!!  Hahaa!!

Ahhh, I love how much my family loves my Wadie!!

And Grammie loves her little Andrew!!

I loved this one of Kurt and Lukey..

And Kate couldn't get enough of her favorite Aunt Mandy!

It was so good to tell each other how much we loved one another.  Not only are we biologically family, but also spiritually.. and that is the greatest combination of all.

After praying together, the kids scampered off to the back to jump off of bunk beds and climb on the curtains while the grown-ups played Fishbowl!!  Since we could only have two teams, this would not be included in the championship score.  We decided to split up by those BORN a Brinker and those that married in.. 
We had to come up with an official title (and apparently, a gang sign, too. Hahaa!)




A mixture of Taboo, Password, and Charades, this was the funniestttttttttt thing everrrrrr.

Now watch me whip... now watch me nae nae.. :))

One word: RICHARD!
Answer: Elizabeth Taylor!

After a few rounds, it was clear who would win...

With those Brinker brains, there was no way we would lose!

I believe this was the crowning motion for the answer of: PRINCESS TIANA!!

Hahahaa, Dad!!  Those Brinker genes DOMINATED today!!  You should be so proud!!! :))))

And then night two of our knock out-wrestling match began!

So much commotion.  So much noise.  So much fun.

A mini-Nathan!!

Kurt walked up to Kate with a scowl on his face... and she was terrified!!! Hahaha!!  Aunt Mandy, save me from that big ol' beard!

I'm not sure whose idea it was to arm wrestle.. but once we got started, there was no stopping us!!


Well, that didn't take long.

Round 2:

Jenny wins!!!

Round 3 was hardly a round at all, hahaa!

Round 4:

Poor Heather.  But it's probably just because you had an appendectomy like a month ago! Riiiight?! ;)

Round 5:

I took Grammie down!!!!  {I'm just going to be really honest here and say this was a total fluke!  Back in our hotel room that night, Grammie beat me 6 times in a row.  But this was the only time that it counted!!!)

Round 6:

Grammie wins!!!

Round 7 and I still think Jen lost, even with 2 hands!  Kurtieeee! You're so strong!!!

Round 8 for the WIN!

Screaming like we were in childbirth..

And after about a minute of intense fight, I used both hands and took her down, haha!
What a wonderful and hilarious night!!!

The next morning, we got together for a few more hours before we headed home.  Here is Kate, reading her book. ;)

Beautiful babies!

Because we couldn't leave it at a tie, I sent Jen, Heather, and Mandy a list of Would-You-Rather questions.  Questions such as, Would you rather be creamed in the face with mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce?? Slaughter your own turkey for Thanksgiving or have him live in the house with for a week??  Not be able to talk all day or not have any dessert all day??  The girls answered the questions and these four had to see how well they knew their spouse/daughter!

I think Jen and Nathan got 5 out of 10, hahaha!

Mandy and I both tied with 8/10!!  So we had to have a tie-tie-breaker!!!  We had to answer three questions about Kurt and Wade.. and the final one that won it all was: Boxers or Briefs??  Hahaha!!
And the final score was::
Kees - 1  Sharbono - 1  Brinkers - 1  Pooles - 2!!!!!!
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it, but THE POOLES WON!!!  THE POOLES WON THE ANNUAL FAMILY THANKSGIVING DAY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not that I'm bragging or anything.. ;))  But THE POOLES WON!!!

And then, the dreaded moment arrived.  It was time for hugs and kisses goodbye. :(((

Kurt and Mandy, as always, were the perfect hosts and didn't mind the noise and chaos one bit.  We always feel so welcomed and loved there and are so thankful to God for granting us the gift of family.

Reminiscing of our church benediction from years earlier, we actually sang We Are One In The Bond Of Love in the driveway before everyone left, haha!!  So sweet!! 

Thank you, Father, for a safe trip, delicious food, and a wonderful time!!  From Thanksgivings hundreds of years ago to Thanksgiving 2015, we thank You for all the grace and mercy, forgiveness and love, provision and abundant blessings You pour out on us!  May our lives be a blessing to You.
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all, from our family to yours!!


  1. AWWW Lissie! What a blessing from God this Thanksgiving was! We just needed Daddy there! Thank you for the pictures and the games. We thank Jesus for all His blessings! Love, Mom

  2. This is perfect!
    Also thanks for the English lesson with apiece being one word. I thought it was two!


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