Friday, December 11, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 - Part Two

The night before Thanksgiving was ROUGH.  Andrew had some sort of stomach bug that kept him throwing up throughout the night, so that was just awful!  Thankfully, it was one of those quick 24-hour viruses, but it made for one very tired little turkey on Thanksgiving Day!

Here we are that morning, having a little breakfast before heading out to Kurt and Mandy's!

There wasn't much that could make Andrew smile that morning, but dancing Santa sure did!!

Here is a picture of Samuel meeting Santa for the first time!!

Once we arrived at the house, I was anxious to begin our family tournament!!  I had planned five games and each family would be a team! Whoever won the most games WON THE THANKSGIVING DAY CHAMPIONSHIP!

We started with Thanksgiving Trivia!!  Since Mom and Heather were without their hunnies, they paired up and were the Kees Team. I asked a variety of Thanksgiving Day questions, like what was the name of the one baby born on the Mayflower (Oceanus), how big was the heaviest turkey ever raised (86 lbs), and what was Pocahontas's Christian name (Rebecca)..

Since I made up the questions, Wade had to do the answering for our team by himself.. and he did SO WELL!!

Who knew Mom was a Thanksgiving Day EXPERT?!?!  The Kees Team won the very first game!!!!
Kees - 1

Next, we moved onto Thanksgiving Scattergories!!  I had 10 categories, such as: name something that's better with gravy, something to buy on Black Friday, and the best Thanksgiving hashtag for your family!!  Grammie gave out a letter and we had 2 minutes to complete the page!! Repeated answers were scratched out and the team with the most points won!!

Here is Jen, leaving Kurt hanging on his high-five! Hahaha, don't you hate when that happens?!

I wish I had everyone's cards because they had some FUNNY answers!!  Jen's Thanksgiving hashtag for her family?? The #MeatMovers. Her wild game??  Mutton.  HA!!

However, the POOLE FAMILY took the win for this game!!!!!  Pooles -1  Kees - 1

After a morning of fierce competition, Grammie called us all outside to see the little children!

I just love this picture!

Smiling so big, it's making his face hurt, hahaa!!

Grammie had to brag on the little children - they had worked so hard cleaning up the whole yard!!  Grammie is a drill sergeant, y'all!!  These children put their energy to good use and worked hard for their dinner!!

Sweet girls.

Here is Hezzy, starting on the potato salad for our Thanksgiving Day GUMBO!!

Our 2015 Gumbo Competition Winner working on his award-winning roux!

Liquid. Gold.

Sadie.. such a pretty little lady!!

Sweet sisters, just a'cookin in the kitchen on Mandy's BIRTHDAY!

Nathan worked hard in the kitchen, too!! 

Meanwhile, Jen laid in the hammock outside. Hahaa!!

Jenny and Saminal!

Beautiful Callie loved taking pictures.. and then actually taking the picture, ha!

She loved Lissie's camera!!

This was the only turkey we saw on Thanksgiving! ;))

Back to the gumbo..

Bubbling away!  Isn't it beautiful?!

You  know who else loved Lissie's camera?!  KURT!!  He played with it for a little while and took these beauties:

Kurt, I really am amazed!!  You did such a good job!!  I know what you need for Christmas... ;)

AND THEN IT WAS LUNCH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is Mom's cranberry jello mold - a Brinker family favorite!!!

Mandy had some of the Pioneer Woman's dishes.. don't they just add something so special to the table?!  Now I know what I need for Christmas... ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to you.  And to me.

Dishing it up..

To top it all off, we stuffed ourselves with Mandy's Toffee Cheesecake.  We may not be the most punctual family or the quietest or the most orderly.  But goodness gracious, we know how to cook and we know how to eat!!!!!

Poor, sweet Andrew missed the whole meal. :((((  Daddy laid down next to him though and I'm quite sure that helped him to feel a little bit better!

And across the room, here is my brother sticking a bag of frozen vegetables down the back of Jen's shirt, hahaha!

As evening approached, we were ready for Round 3 of Family Games!!  We would be racing to see who could shuck the most corn within one minute!!  On your mark..

Get set... GO!

THE SHARBONOS WON IT with 40.8 ounces!!!!!!  Kees Family had 40.0 oz and Brinkers had 39.8!  The Poole family had like 15.  We are not good shuckers of the corn, hahaa!

The kids loved this game!!  They then sprinkled the kernels all over the yard for the deer!!

Very serious about their corn-shucking.

Another beautiful day, another beautiful evening..
But if you think just because it was getting dark that our day was over, well, you have another think coming!!  IT WAS TUG OF WAR TIME!!!!!  Those pictures and the end of our Thanksgiving weekend, coming up next!

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  1. Mmmmmm that gumbo looks so good!!!
    Poor sweet balookie! Glad he didn't stay sick long!


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