Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas In Thibodaux

We began our Christmas week celebrating in Thibodaux with our favorite Nana and Paw!!

Why does South Louisiana seriously have the BEST food??  We had lots of shrimp stew and potato salad..

..with chocolate cake and BLUE BELL for dessert!!

We were so glad to be visiting back home!

And the Blue Bell was just the icing on the cake! ;))

That face, hahaa!

After a delicious dinner, Aunt Bec put on some fun music and the kids had a DANCE PARTY!

Get it, girllll!

We sat by the Christmas tree in our jammies and just enjoyed being together.. 

Tackle time!!

Samuel was not happy with Sami taking his spot in Nana's lap..

The next day, Nan got started cooking our Christmas meal.. and even gave us lessons on making her famous cornbread dressing!  (Which is why Wade even celebrates Thanksgiving at all.. to him, there's NOTHING better than that dressing!!)

I love this one of the girls cooking in the kitchen!

So sweet!!

Meanwhile, the boys went outside.. because what better time is there to play outside than when it's all wet and muddy?!

Three generations of Poole boys!!! 

Playing some football with their Paw:

Samuel, you'll be big enough to play one day soon!!

Here is Wadie at work on that cornbread dressing!!

A whole lotta love about to go in the oven!!

Grant was all smiles about his Christmas dinner!!

Mac and cheese, rice dressing, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and rolls.. These babies were in hog heaven!!

Hey!!  Where's my spot?!



After dinner, the kids played on Samuel's new riding toy!!

Rebecca handmade these awesome coasters for Nan and Paw.. I was amazed!!  They were SO well done, Bec!!

Now these are some cute little cousins.

As always, we had such a wonderful Christmas visit with our Poole family.. and in a few short days, we would be celebrating with them again in Lafayette!! 
 I'm thankful for family who loves us so well and for a Father who put us all together!  More than anything, I'm thankful for the One who was born to die, the One who brings joy and life, the One who gives us a reason to celebrate together in the first place. 

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  1. OMG all of that food looks wonderful!! And so sweet MJ and Vannie cooking together! Vannie is going to be the best little chef surrounded by all of y'all!


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