Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas with Nana and Paw

On December 20, Nana and Paw came to visit.. and brought lots of presents for some very excited children!!!

"This one says 'Andrew!!!!!'"

Vannie found a gift with her name on it, too!

Aching to tear into that first gift and I would not stop taking pictures, hahaa!

Andrew calls this his hat and gardening gloves.. ;)

It's hard to believe that Savannah can read books like this almost totally by herself now!!

Nan and Paw bought the boys their first basketball goal, but the concrete was still drying outside, so it wasn't ready when we were opening presents.  Since we wanted Andrew to get the full affect of seeing it up and ready to play, we did not tell him he was getting a goal..
But he did get to open his basketball!

Andrew would have been perfectly content with just this one thing. The first thing he said when he opened it was, "A basketball!! This is JUST what I wanted for Christmas!!!!!!!"

Such a sweet boy!

The one thing Savannah asked for this Christmas..??

An American Girl doll!!

She immediately pulled her doll out of the box and began brushing her hair.. So cute!!

Andrew was thrilled to keep finding more basketballs!!

While the kids were opening presents, poor Nan was hard at work feeding Samuel his spaghetti!  But Samuel's turn was coming soon!!

Grant was ready to find out what was in his big bag!!


Grant got his new trucks all lined up and began racing them right away..

The baby boys have LOVED these things!!

Samuel was ready to get in on some of that b-ball action!

Savannah and "Grace" look so much alike!!

Why are the boxes and wrapping paper always so much fun?!

Samuel, I don't think Grant wants to share...

So Samuel found his own toys!

Such a wonderful day for our babies!! 

Thank you, Nana and Paw, for giving us a wonderful day, filled with amazing gifts, sweet laughs, and precious memories!!  We love you!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those are the faces of some happy babies!!!

  2. Awwww, Vannie with her doll!! That is precious!!! She's so big!


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