Friday, January 1, 2016

Lifegroup Christmas Party

Finally, it was the week before Christmas!

Isn't there just something warm and cheery about the holidays??  Everything is so cute and cozy and makes you want to give kisses all day long.. especially to this little girl!!
Business in the front..

..and party in the back!!!

I loved doing all sorts of Christmasy activities for school this week.. and one was to write out a letter to Santa!!  Andrew dictated what he wanted and I wrote it down for him.. and wrote and wrote and wrote.  Ha!! Once he got started, there was no stopping him!

Most of you know that we don't "do Santa," choosing instead to make much of Jesus and not encourage our children to believe in anything other than Him. We have several reasons and personal convictions about this, but the best part is that Santa is not banned from our house.  As a matter of fact, Santa lives with us!  Santa is Daddy, working hard all year round to provide for his family.. along with a few extras around Christmastime. ;))  So I can't tell you how much it thrilled my heart when Savannah brought her letter to me..  
She gets it.  

The greatest gift is not sitting under the tree..
It was sitting under the bright star in Bethlehem a long time ago.
The best gift now sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven, interceding for us.
Through his birth, burial, and resurrection, He offers us all eternal salvation. 
Only Jesus.

We don't withhold Santa from our children.. we just give them Someone better.

This was the cutest little math game: Race to Rudolph!

And we used gumdrops as our pawns!!

The kids loved this and I loved their addition skills being put to work! ;)

Our little Gracie.

And Andrew, with his green gumdrop, won the game!!

Grammie has been working with Andrew on writing his name..
and he did it all by himself this Christmas!!

Our handprint tree that we made at the Preschool Christmas Party!

This week, we traded in our normal lifegroup meeting time for a night of Christmas caroling around Wardville!  Two days later, we planned a night of tacky Christmas sweaters, Dirty Santa, and lots of pizza with our lifegroup family!  The kids got dressed in whatever Christmas attire they could find and were ready to walk over to Kelli and Troy's house!

The first Christmas for this family of three!

Kelli and Troy found a Christmas trivia game, so we separated into teams and answered lots of questions..

And in a fight to the finish, this team went DOWN!

So cute our little question-askers are!

And this team WON it!!!!  V for Victory, y'all!

Wrapped up in lights and as cute as can be!

Our Christmas Poole Party!!

Casey, Alan, and Landry on Briley's first Christmas!!

Mrs. Dixie, Hannah, and Casey - such a cute little family!

Our lifegroup newlyweds, Zach and Hailey!!

And this made us all die!! Hahaa!!
Vic and her Elf-Friend!

All of our kids love Victoria.. she is so precious!

I made everyone get in front of the hot fireplace so we could take a group picture.. and this is me trying to figure out how to set the self timer while everyone's backsides were burning! Hahaa!!

Our Lifegroup Family
Christmas 2015!
(We were missing all of you who couldn't be there!!!)

Sillyyyyy facesssss, hahaa!!

Next, it was time for Dirty Santa!!

Jack was mean mugging me!!

And then gifts started getting stolen..

I made Wade steal Briley's reindeer pillow.. and when Briley started crying because her pillow was gone, Wade offered her a blanket instead! Hahaha!! I don't think it was quite the same..

I think she lost three of her presents..  You kept picking such good ones, Vic!

A candle with a month of free Crossfit.. You win!!

Wade was so happy that he ended up with two things he could really use... a tiny pillow for his head and bath salts for his feet!!  Haha, whoops!

Our Lifegroup Ladies that I love SO MUCH!

Last, but not least, it was time to hand out the awards!

Hands down, Casey won the tackiest Christmas outfit!!!!!  She did such a good job!!

Ahhhh, congratulations!!! :))))

Cute little Christmas thing.

You win the Just Too Pretty award when you buy your pre-made cute Christmas tie at Hobby Lobby, ha! (And the headband is courtesy of my mother, from 20 years ago, when she made my Snow White costume!! So fun!!)

With her Deer Santa shirt, Hannah won second place for tackiest Christmas outfit!!

The three winners!!  Or is it losers...?? ;))

Vic was so close with her funny Star Wars shirt!

Can we please never forget that Alan wore a women's Christmas sweater???

I love this sweet family!!  What a wonderful, unforgettable night!!

Giggly little Grant!

Later that evening, Savannah gave the reindeer my tie.  Until next year, Santy Claus!!

And this is a little girl who doesn't want to go to bed and insists on giving the tree a hug goodnight..

I'm so very thankful for a lifegroup that is truly like family, our very nearest and dearest friends, the ones we are thrilled to do life with!  It's a blessing I can't imagine life without and one sent straight from the Father's hand.. Merry Christmas, y'all!


  1. This looks so much fun! I love everyone's Christmas attire and the elf friend! The family pictures were such a good idea as well!!

  2. Lissie, What a great time you all had!! Such wonderful memories. Love, MOM

  3. Of course you got just too pretty!!!! You are always too pretty!!! And that handprint tree! I love it!


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