Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Poole Party Christmas

Because Wadie had to work on Christmas Day, we decided to open presents with the kids on Christmas Eve night!  After a wonderful day of journeying to Bethleham, singing Jingle Bells on repeat, and a dance party for the ages, we wound down with baths and the Bible story at home.. and then it was time to open presents!! 

Because we are minimalists and the kids get so much from others already, we try to keep things simple..  Just a few gifts that they truly need and maybe just one or two big things that they really want.  It helps them to focus on what's most important to them and keeps us accountable to give more meaningful gifts as well as making the season more Christ-centered. We find they appreciate each gift so much more this way, too.. which is a win-win for us all!

We started off with a round of new warm clothes for them all:

Hahaa, Grant was tired, but there was no way he was going to bed now!!

As per tradition, they then opened up their new Christmas Eve jammies!!

And they immediately changed into them!!

We use to give the kids a Christmas movie every Christmas Eve (as pretty much every parent on the planet does, ha!)  But for the past 2 years, instead of a movie, we give the kids a board game - something we can all play together as a family!

We are in love with the fact that we have kids old enough to actually play board games with!!  They love it, we love it, and it makes for such sweet memories and good times together!!

Instead of a game, Grant got a new book... 
and then opened Mommy's new chapsticks, ha!!

For their big gift from us, the kids got NEW BIKES!!  We had the kids go hide in our bedroom while we got their bikes down from the attic and set them out in front of the tree!!

When we called them to come out, I was ready with my camera and caught these faces!!!!

Savan and Andrew had both specifically asked for new bikes, so they were over-the-moon excited!!

When did our little Vannie get so big?!!  This was the only night she rode that bike with training wheels, because the very next day, she insisted that they be taken off.  She is too grown up for that!

Brother wanted a red "big boy" bike and Mom and Dad delivered!!

This. face. could. not. be. more. happy.
{Which makes me so happy!}

Merry Christmas, my babies!!

Lastly, we opened up our stockings!

Savan got the Frozen nightlight she needed..

Andrew opened up the Ninja Turtle hat he has been wanting since last Christmas..

..and Grant got a Mickey Mouse filled with soft peppermints!  Two of his most favorite things. 

Oh, hi there, sweet baby!!  Believe it or not, this is your first birthday, but your second Christmas!!

Beautiful Baby Samuel enjoyed the squeals and excitement of his brothers and sister as he climbed in and out of the Christmas boxes all.night.long.

I think we played 3 rounds of CandyLand this night!!  Savannah LOVED it!!

And then we played KerPlunk!!
Such a beautiful night and reminded me so much of last years!!  Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of my family, the most precious of memories, and the peace and love that encompassed our living room as we basked in Your goodness..

The next morning was CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!  With Wade at work, the kids and I woke up to a breakfast of pancakes together and then cleared the dishes.. because it's only really Christmas if you make the cookies!! ;))

I used the Pioneer Woman's sugar cookie recipe with the buttercream frosting... ohhhh, wow.  We thought they were perfect!!

Rolling and cutting, the kids had a BLAST.,

Tray one - baked and cooling!!  And yep, that's an Easter bunny. 

After they were cooled, it was time to frost!!  I used whatever food coloring I had on hand.. and that's why our 2015 Christmas cookies were blue, green, and yellow pastels. HA!!

My little elves, hard at work!!

These yummy cookies were a work of art only a mother could love.. ;))

We were so happy when Wadie got home and spent the rest of Christmas evening cuddled together, like snuggle bunnies in a burrow.  We had to get bed a little earlier that night, because we were heading down to Lafayette the next morning for more Christmas celebrations!!  That post, coming next!


  1. Is it her sugar cookie recipe with the orange zest in it?! Yumm!!

    Confession: her recipe is better than Sally's!!

    The kids look so pumped for bikes! They were still excited a few days later bc they couldn't wait to show Jon and I... In the cold. Ha!!!

  2. Hahahaha...a work of art that only a mother could love. I think that was our cookies this year, too. Glad to see that we have many more years of such beautifully decorated cookies. ; ) I love their faces when they saw the bikes!!


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