Friday, January 8, 2016

The Night Shift Before Christmas

Just like last year, our children put on a Christmas play for TGP Wardville!!  After a few Sunday afternoons of play practice and listening to the songs all month long, it was finally time for their Christmas production, The Night Shift Before Christmas!

The two and three year olds went first, singing two songs about Jesus's birth.. and it was adorable!!

Eden's face was so funny!!  And look how big our little Landry looks!

Upstairs, the big kids were anxiously awaiting their turn to perform!!

Cutie little shephards!!

Callie played a beautiful Mary!!

Nana, Paw, Grammie, Pops, and Daddy were all there to cheer on our babies!

 Fa-la-la-la-la-Falafel House!

See Sadie sitting at the table?!  She and Rylie had their very first speaking parts!!

Cutest Mary and Joseph EVER.

Claire, Kaylee Grace, and Savannah were adorable angels!

Singing their sweet hearts out..

Mary and Joseph in the stable as the angels sang around them.. how CUTE is this?!

All the wise men and shepherds bowing down to the new baby, Jesus!!

Our Andrew shepherd last year:

..And this year!

Adorable Kate!!

The younger kids slowly got more and more uninterested in the play.. All of their hard work was finally catching up to them and they were wiping out!

Hahahahahah!!!  One of my favorite pictures from the night!!  Everyone was just about DONE.

Thankfully, Cruzy brought some life back to the party with his snazzy dance moves!!

Getting fresh up in here!!

Hahaa, yesssss! I think Cruz enjoyed the end of that play more than anyone else!  So funny!!

Afterwards, Wadie helped serve popcorn and coke floats for our little Christmas diner..

The kids loved being on stage, dressing up, and singing super fun songs about the reason we celebrate Christmas!!  More importantly, they learned how God always keeps His promises, how Jesus fulfills the prophecies made in Scripture, and how the entire world was changed by His birth.  I am praying those truths settle deep into their hearts.. even though the next morning when I asked Andrew if he was ready to do another Christmas play next year, his immediate response was, "Noooo!!  Never again, Mom!!!  NOT. AGAIN."
Hahaa!!  We will just have to see about that..


  1. I am dying at how cute Ireland and Callie are!!!
    And falafel house ha!!!!!

  2. These are the cutest pictures! At our church play I wondered the same thing - why do they leave the littler kids up there for so long?! Hahaha!


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