Monday, February 8, 2016

Grammie's Gingerbread Houses

For our last Christmas celebration before packing up the decorations and taking down the lights, we went to Grammie and Pops's new home for - what else??  Roast, carrots, potatoes, rolls, green beans, cabbage, and sweet potato casserole.  With Christmas Eve Punch. With so many of Mom's staples, it was the perfect way to end the holiday season!!
Grammie and lots of the grandbabies!!
Pops and Samuel
Heather and Kate
Mandy and Luke
This Christmas, all four of our families pitched in to get Grammie and Pops a new picnic table, built by the one and only, Mr. Billy!!  We lured them inside, got the picnic table situated, and then called them back out!!
All the kids were sitting on the new bench... and they all fit!!
Everyone was so excited!!!
And the kids were all ready to start working on Grammie's homemade gingerbread houses!!  Remember Moritmer's Christmas Manger??  This was such a great way to round out our Christmas adventure!!
Anyone else catch Gavin's grumpy face above..??  Ha!!  He was ready to get to work!!  But first things first..  It was time to open presents!!  Everyone got a gift that would be shared with everyone else to assist in decorating their houses...
HOORAY for marshmallows!! ;))
Around the table we went, opening chocolates and candy canes and peppermints..
Getting everyone organized...
Who needs expensive toys?? Opening a $0.99 package of gummy bears made all of these children swoon!! 
Getting out the houses to decorate!!
Hezzy and Grammie made several bags and bottles of icing so that everyone had plenty..
And they all got right to work!!
Here are the daddies helping their babies:
Nice work, Kurtie Boy!!
The kids worked so hard and did SUCH a good job!!  I honestly was so impressed!!
Starting to set up the walls and begin construction!!
This was an all-hands-on-deck project..  Nothing says family like a night of gingerbread house making!!  :))
Sadie's house was so precise and symmetrical.. it was amazing!!
Carson's house was so colorful!!
The younger boys took off pretty quickly and headed for the tractor.. if you look closely, you can see Grant with his hands on his hips telling Jude to get down!!  Hahaa, he is so ME.
And then he started wagging that finger!  Hahaha!!
Vannie had lots of pink and red on her pretty little house!!
And Rylie made a Christmas tree out of an ice cream cone!!
Callie's was super unique!!  ;))
And this was the final product!!  The roofs had to wait to go on later.. and later never came, ha!!  Maybe next year they'll get fully completed.
For our first attempt, though, I think this was pretty wonderful!!
Thank you, Grammie, for all of your hard work!!  You made it such a special night for us!!
Merry Christmas from our little village. :))
We ended the night with all the children giggling and playing together..
From the oldest grandson to the youngest, this was a night to remember. :))
And that's a wrap, y'all!! Christmas 2015 was in the books!!  And what a dreamy, fantastic Christmas it had been.. you might even say it was the icing on the cake. :))


  1. I love the village picture!
    Also that table is stuff dreams are made of!!

  2. Ummmm...where was our invite for Grammie's gingerbread houses?! Next year!! That is the ultimate house making party!!


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