Thursday, March 3, 2016

Brother Bear Turns 5!!

At the beginning of every year, we get ready to celebrate January as a BIRTHDAY MONTH!!  Andrew and Wade both have birthdays then, just two days apart, so we enjoy celebrating small things all month long. 

We started one of Andrew's last days of being 4 with donuts:

..and ended the day with a sleepover with his little cousins!!
 And gosh, y'all, Wade knows how to throw one grand sleepover, complete with a movie, candy, popcorn, and a cold drank!

Monogrammed mugs for all their goodies, ha!!

Sweetest little Daddy boy EVER.

Just serving his family:

These two are the cutest little best friends!!

I just love this one!!

The kids watched Minions while stuffing themselves on chocolates and coke.  Now, that's the Brinker way, ha!!  Thank you, Wadie, for always making everything so fun!!

The next morning, Wade began making buttermilk pancakes for the birthday boy..

..and everyone got to help!!

Andrew and Wade both got new sleeping bags for their birthdays, but why have two when you can share and snuggle?!  ;))

Silly monkey boys!!

5 years old and growing up before my eyes!!

After putting Andrew to bed on his birthday eve, I stayed up late making ninja turtles out of green balloons.. so easy and I loved how they turned out!!

When I asked Andrew what kind of cake he wanted, he said, "Chocolate. WITH TONS OF SPRINKLES!!!!"  That's my boy!! ;))

Waking Andrew up on his 5th birthday with a video from Nana and Paw:

Hellooooo, Nan and Pawwww!

I'm so glad Andrew has this sweet big sister to celebrate with!!

Running out, Andrew was SO excited to see those Ninja turtle balloons over the table!!

Hahaa, I love those sleepy little eyes!

Happy, happy birthdayyyyyyy, Brother Bear!!

Andrew's birthday was on a Sunday this year, so we went to church and then drove over to the park with pizza and a few of our besties!!

It was a gorgeous day!!  And Alan worked so hard pushing all of these children on the swings, ha!!

Casey, I just loved this one of your sweet family!!

Pops and Grant are little buddies!!

Our party at the park!

So glad Shanny, Jon, and Malchy moved back and can celebrate with us now, too!!

Love these sweet friends so much.. and it's so neat to all have little babies born within months of each other!!

Just missing you, Hezzy!!

I'm planning to get better about throwing my kids more thought-out, prepared birthday parties, ha!  But for now, something small and intimate was perfect for our little Andrew.  We were so thankful for everyone who was able to come at a moment's notice.. I appreciate all the time and effort that you invest into my family!! :))  I love y'all!!

After the park, we headed to Grammie's house.. 

For what, you may ask..??

Cake and ice cream, of course!!!  And a surprise Ninja turtle party to boot!!

Oh, Andrew!!  What a little delight you are!!  From your funny antics, like wearing sweatbands around your forehead while you 'work out' or putting your turtle to bed for naps in the day, to your cute little quips, like "Hey, sweet darling!" and "Hugs and kisses! Hugs and kisses!" to "NO KISSES! Of course, NO KISSES!"... ahhh, you make me laugh.  As well as scare me to death by jumping off the back of the couch, doing jumps on your scooter, and alwayssss yelling everything you say.  You are wild and rambunctious, noisy and so fun. When it rains, you say "It's tinkling outside!" and when you smell french fries, you say, "What's the delicious smell I smell?!" Hahaha!!  I hope you always stay so happy, my little boy!

Did I deliver on the TONS OF SPRINKLES part or did I deliver?!? ;))

Singing Happy Birthday!

I think this look means he loves it. :))

Time for gifts!!

A little hatchet for my little man!

Brother asked for work out clothes, a basketball, andddddd....

His very own sleeping bag!!

After filling up on cake and ice cream, we headed over to the property to burn the brush pile and get to work with the new hatchet!!

Andrew, in his new work out clothes, hacking away!!  What a good day for this little boy!!

Andrew, you're my biggest boy, my firstborn son, my humble warrior.  I pray you live up to your name.. where you humbly, yet boldly, proclaim the name of Jesus Christ as God and King. That your knees will bow at the foot of the cross.. and then rise to take up your sword and wage war on the kingdom of darkness as you spread His truth and light to every living creature.

That night, we started a fire at home and all curled up by it.. it was such a lovely way to end the day!!
Happy Birthday, Brother Bear!!! Thankful and appreciative, glad and overjoyed.. these words can't even touch how grateful I am to be your mom. 
You make loving you easy.. 
and my love is forever yours.


  1. Is that Sally's cake?!
    Also so cute that he wanted workout clothes!!

  2. OMG I love their little sleepover! So cute that y'all live so close! And those Ninja Turtle balloons are adorable!!!


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