Friday, March 11, 2016

Monday School

This spring semester of homeschooling, we joined our local Christian co-op.  And y'all.  It has been ROCKING. MY. WORLD.

It is soooo gooood to meet and talk with like-minded moms who are walking a similar journey through homeschooling!!  The support, the connections, and the advice are so helpful and honestly, life-giving!! The ladies I am meeting are so passionate about the Lord and their families.. it's refreshing, rejuvenating, and motivating!! I only wish we had started sooner!! 

The kids are each enrolled in three enrichment classes, which really just means: FUN.  Savannah  has an American Girls class where they get to bring their dolls and make blankets, matching jewelry, and take pictures of themselves with their dolls.  Seriously?!  It's the best.
We meet for 10 weeks in the spring semester and 10 weeks in the fall and only on Mondays.. So while it is hard to get up at 5:45 on Monday mornings, this program makes it so worth it.  

These views early in the morning are hard to beat, too.

On January 29, we had our first co-op meeting, or as we call it, "Monday School." And when you have to get up at 7 and it's your first big day, you get to eat Chocolate Fudge Sticks before breakfast.

Here are these two grown cuties, all dressed and ready for school!

We were nervous, but God is so gracious!  Praise Jesus, there were no tears on their first day!!

Scratch that.  There were tears, but not from the kids. ;))

Of course, my precious Wadie had flowers for Savannah, toys for Andrew, and a card for them both when they got home from their first big day!!

They were so excited to get home and tell us all about school.. and enjoy their new prizes!

These kiddos were up and ready when their second Monday school rolled around!

Hezzy even got a cat from someone at the co-op!! Win, win for us all, I guess! Haha!!
I was placed in Andrew's class as the Playground Fun Assistant Teacher.. cush job, I know!  But I've signed up to be his for real Playground Teacher next semester, so I'm really looking forward to that!!  And I'm thinking about teaching a Classical Story Time class for Savannah's age, too.. The teacher inside of me is doing flips. Ha!! 
I'm so thankful for such a strong homeschool group so near to us!  It serves as yet another reminder of God's goodness.  And I love that He cares about the little things that wouldn't mean much to others, but put this momma's heart at peace.. like American Girl Doll classes and open playground positions. :))


  1. I wish you could see me rolling my eyes at that cat!!!! Ha!!!

    It was so sweet of wade to get them treats for their first day!!

  2. Such sweet memories you and Wade are creating for your children! So blessed! So blessed you are. Love, MOM


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