Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our 1st Skating Rink Adventure

One night, our church had a party at Skateville, our local skating rink!!  I honestly only remember going to one skating rink growing up..  They played bad music and it smelled like smoke, so we never went back, ha!  However, this sweet little local spot played Christian music while our babies enjoyed skating on a rink for their very first time!!

They had these really neat walkers that helped the kids stay up and zoom around on the floor!!

Even Eric and Grant got to skate!!

Alan and Landry came to play, too!!

The kids LOVED. IT.  While I took pictures, they flew around the room.. falling over, but getting right back up to skate around again!  They had such a good little time!!

Forget the skates, Grant just needed the walker!!

Wade rolled him all over the rink like this and he couldn't get enough!!  So cute!!

Sweet boys!!

These smiles were a mile wide!!
I'm thankful for cute little local spots that surprise me and make for new experiences with my family!!  My party of 6 make life

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  1. Ooooo you don't wanna know what that rink was like on a Friday night I high school ha!!!!
    But really they are so sweet!!! Next time push Samuel around!!


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