Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Time in Anacoco

Getting up and ready for Monday school while it's still dark outside is HARD work!!  I don't know how people do traditional school so early in the morning every day.. sleeping til 8:30 is one of my favorite perks of homeschooling, ha!!

I'm so glad they have each other to go to school with!!

Another one of my favorite perks??  Taking the day off from school to leave town and have a much-needed visit with Jase, Hezzy, and Kate!!  And for a little b-ball in the Anacoco trees!!

Heather made Mom's Sausage Stromboli for lunch..

..and then we went out to feed the horses their apples!!

Sammy baby was mean-mugging him, ha!

This was Samuel's first time to have Banana Pudding.. and I think it's his favorite!!

Praising Jesus from Whom all blessings flow!!  Hahaa!

We picnicked under the camellia..

...while we watched the kids pet and play with the horses!!

We found a bird's nest in the camellia tree.. this is my favorite way to have school!!

Spring has sprung, y'all.  From here on out, you can find Andrew sitting in a tree..

..or running through the fields picking clover. :))

And look what we found!!

So then the hunt was on for everyone to find a 4-leaf clover!

Grant just pulled up the whole patch, hahaa!!

This may be my most favorite spot in your whole yard, Hezzy!!  So dreamy!!

I feel like this has been the longest winter EVER.  While winter has always been my favorite season, this year has been a challenge and my love for it has waned dramatically.  Instead, I have longed for warmth, signs of new life, and the peace of soul that comes from being outdoors with the Creator. And Hezzy, Anacoco delivered!! Picnics under your camellia with a cup of French Vanilla coffee.. I can feel myself relaxing just at the thought of it.  The sun is bright and shining and warm again, y'all..  Thank you, Father, for spring!!


  1. Cuteeee!!!! How y'all found so many clovers?? Is that the same Stromboli recipe Jen makes??

  2. Yes! Beautiful post. Let's go to Hezzie's house this week! How quickly the time is passing. Spring is lovely and the children are such blessings. Our Father gives such good gifts! Love, Mom

  3. OMG that tree! I need it in my life. It's gorgeous!!! And so funny at Samuel with his multiple bowls of banana pudding!! Haha!


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