Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wadie Turns THIRTY!!!

On January 19, 2016, Wadie celebrated his 30th birthday!!  THIRTY! I can't get over it.. that sounds so grown up, adult-ish and.. old.  Ha!!  But I am so thankful for these 30 wonderful years that Wadie has been here.  He lights up my life like no one else can and tells the funniest jokes and comes home exhausted, yet ready to serve.  He is the calm to our crazy, the sure thing when all else is falling apart, the ultimate man in every sense of the word!  I'm more in love with him everyday and am constantly gaining a deeper understanding of just what a treasure he is.
He is my bear bear, my love bunny, my Wadie boy.
And now he is 30.

Sooo, I had the kids make a list of their top 30 reasons why they loved Daddy.  Honestly, I expected to have to help them along and talk them through it.  Y'all, they made this list in under 5 minutes.  I didn't have to help at all.. they KNOW why they love their Daddy!!  Some were funny, like "You buy us surprises like donuts and ice cream and Starbursts" or "You teach us how to box."  But others were really sweet and meaningful, like "You take us to church." "You love Mommy." or "You lay down with us to help us go to sleep."  I had these all laid out on the table for when Wade woke up the morning of his birthday!

Savannah read each one out loud to him!!

I made Banans Foster Coffee Cake and Mardi Gras coffee for breakfast..  Because when you're 30, you've earned the right to have dessert for breakfast.

After we ate, the kids gave Daddy a birthday card they had made!!

 At the top of this drawing, he wrote, "I Lov Y." 
Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

Vannie's turn!

Soooo sweeeet.

And lastly, it was time for Grant's card! Yaaayyyy!

Now that's two beautiful boys!!

Hahaa, G-Money is so funny!!

We spent a wonderful day being silly and loving on our Daddy boy..

..and then got ready for his birthday celebration that night!!  Wade wanted to cook for his besties, so that's what we did!!  Here was the appetizer for when everyone arrived: Perfect Parmesan and Bacon Gougeres!!

My parents and sisters came over to help us celebrate, too!

Sweet babies!

Love my family!!

Since Wade was turning 30 (and is the All-American-Dream-Boat, hence all the red, white and blue balloons, ha!!), I made a quick Trivia quiz of interesting American history from the past 30 years! Did you know that Dolly the Sheep was cloned in 1986?! Or that the Internet hadn't even been invented yet??  Or that "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" was played on the radio more times than any other song that year??  Well, now you do!!

The girls and guys were tied.. and there was only one question left!!
What was the #1 movie in 1986?!
And this is us screaming after Jen won the game for us with "Top Gun!!!!!!!!"

Hahahahaha!!!  Beating the boys is ALWAYS the best!!

Wadie has been wanting to cook a Beef Tenderloin for as long as I can remember, so for his birthday, we decided to splurge and let him get after it!!  This was the most tender, beautiful piece of meat EVER.  I think the one thing everyone kept saying is how it melted in your mouth, just like butter.  
This was pure perfection, Wadie.  Just like you. ;))

Jen's beautiful Sweet Potato dish..

And Hezzy made Emeril's green beans!!

Wade had these filets for the grown-ups.. and chicken drumsticks and mushroom rice for the kids.  You had to be over 10 to get the good stuff, ha!!

I love my Master Chef!!

Great food that's made even better with friends.. now this is how we should eat dinner every night!

Look at all these happy plates!!

Hahaha! What else are sisters for?? 

Heather and Mom made two beautiful king cakes for dessert!!

And then we got ready for American-themed Fishbowl - a mix of Taboo, Password, and Charades!! Ohhh my gosh, this was SO FUN!

And the kids were so good while we played!!

After everyone had left, the tables cleaned and dishes put away, we got ready for bed..

We had the Bible Story, prayers, and snuggles. Then, the kids all cuddled up and asked Daddy for a bedtime story..

..which was the perfect way to end Wadie's thirtieth birthday.
Wade Poole, I just think you hung the moon!!!!!!  Besides Jesus, you are EVERYTHING.  You are where it's at.  Godly and kind, sweet and gentle, so hilarious and the most handsome thing I've ever seen.  We are two parts of one whole, not really complete without the other.  Thank you for being honorable and worthy of respect, for being wise and good, for making it so easy for all of us to adore you.  We may not be married in heaven, but I plan to spend eternity hand-in-hand with you. I just hope you get used to the toothpaste squeezed in the middle and finding me with your squishy flip-flops on before that.
Happy 30th birthday, my Wadie!! 
Wherever we are, as long as I'm with you, 
I am home.

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  1. yayyy!!! looks like wadie had the best birthday of them all!!!


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